WPEngine Review

WPEngine Review



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Wpengine is a WordPress hosting platform that hosts sites with built-in WordPress capabilities and other features. They keep the site and WordPress both loading quickly and easily, to keep visitors on the site, not side-tracked, and ready to follow through with the site’s calls to action. For the plan prices, users across the board see traffic upticks, which lead to overall income surges and maximized profits. Their sites are user-friendly, clean looking and trendy, and keep customers and clients alike happy.

What We Like

introductionThe security features, like the built in firewall and malware scan engines, scalable architecture and backup/recovery capabilities, keep the sites working well for the duration of the client’s plan. Their company culture speaks to the interest they have in their clients—they only want to help the clients do better, while they also strive to do better as a company. Of course, their WordPress hosting software is tailored to run quickly, run well, and run better than the majority of their competitors, seeing as that’s their focus. Plus, they come with a great many features per plan, along with all the security and WordPress data-securing specs.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionWpengine has an immersive support page with plenty of articles and status updates. They also have an immersive contact page. Unfortunately, these are not the same pages; it would make sense for contact information to also appear on the support page.

Their plans come with great packages, but it wouldn’t be difficult to include plans between their plans, like many competitors—they could scale up to either customizable plans, or as many as twice their current plan count.


featuresThe Wpengine WordPress site-hosting plans are divided up by number of visits, local storage and number of installs, specifically. They’re called the Personal, Professional, Business, Premium and Enterprise Grade. With these, they truly scale up, from the single user to the corporation with hits per month breaking the million visitor mark.

The Personal is geared for capped unique visitors per month (UV) of 25,000. It comes with one install, a shared server environment, local storage of 10 GB, twenty four-hour ticket customer support, a live chat from 8 am-5 pm CST, staging, transferable installs, an add-on CDN and an add-on WPE SSL. The Professional comes with all of these, geared for 100k UV, with ten installs, 20 GB storage, and an included CDN. It also features 3rd party SSL support, an add-on dedicated IP address, twenty four-hour phone support and multiple sites.

The Business matches these features, for 400k UV, with 25 installs and a shared server of 30 GB. The dedicated IP address is free with this plan and the plan comes GeoIP enabled. Both the Premium and the Enterprise plans top 1M expected UV and cap at 150 installs. Their environments are dedicated servers with anywhere from 100 GB-1 TB storage. The package includes 1000 GB free CDN, a free dedicated IP address, strategic account management and launch readiness assessment.


featuresFor the one install, visits per month, unlimited data transfer and 10 GB storage, the Personal costs $29/month. The Personal is intended for a test site, or a personal-use single page as the name would suggest. The Professional costs $99/month for 10 installs, for 100k UV, 20 GB storage and the same unlimited data transfer. The last listed price, Business, comes in at $249/month for 25 installs, for 400k UV, 30 GB storage and unlimited data transfer. The Premium and Enterprise Grade package prices are available upon request and are intended mainly for large corporations.

Control Panel

controlpanelClients can access the Wpengine panel in two ways—either by the site itself via web browser, or by their WordPress account. From WordPress, the engine will come before the Dashboard shortcut on the side toolbar, as “WP Engine.” The Database itself can be accessed from the dashboard that loads next, under Admin MySQL. Wpengine uses the more secure SFTP connection with which to access and edit files. The top toolbar is divided into tabs that open into their own inlaid pages and forms, tabs like Databases, SQL, Status, Export, Import, etc. Additional buttons appear in the left-hand toolbar, like the Home page, Help, Save, Exit, etc. A drop-down menu will help you find your recent tables. The control panel is very simple to use, without too many frills, very clear links and very clear prompts.

Customer Support

supportThe WPEngine support page is called the “Support Garage,” a main hub with tabs, articles and links to Q&As. The page breakdown looks like a Home page, Migration Process, Common Questions, Featured Plugins and Disallowed Plugins, to better explain the features and limits of your specific plan. Wpengine uploads articles under easy-to-find, specific categories; everything from Best Practices, Databases and account management, to Scaling WordPress, General WordPress and site-enhancing tips. Users can find the articles that best suit their question before they contact the staff. Lastly, the staff publishes status updates that pertain to issues on their end, like connectivity or power outage issues.

If they have a troubleshooting issue and do need to reach out to the staff, customers can use the Wpengine live chat feature, log in and leave a ticket, go to their Contact page and leave an e-mail form, call their site, or mail directly to their office. They post their specific office and sales office hours.


reliability1They host a wide variety of security tools, like Enterprise-grade security for WordPress accounts and sites, backup and recovery capabilities, and scalable architecture. These choices lead to high uptime and streamlined site usage, for clients and potential customers. They don’t just settle for what they have, either—they have a lab team that’s constantly looking for even more secure solutions and greater uses for newer technology. Besides these, their staff is always on hand to walk clients through the site-building and plan choosing process.

To keep all plans secure, Wpengine includes 24/7 support, daily backups, firewall protection, malware scan software, Evercache technology, easy SSL, CDN options and a 1-click restore.

Final Conclusion

wpenginerecommendedYou may not find better when it comes to building a fast-running and acting website that hosts a flawless WordPress platform. Wpengine focuses on bringing the two together in a manageable fashion, while including other hosting capabilities like e-commerce, and making sure each client can run their business or personal site to the best of their ability. Trust the WordPress hosting site that actually has “WP” in their title.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)