WordPress Hosting Reviews

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Top Wordpress Hosting
Ranking Wordpress Host Benefits Price/Mo. Review
1 WPEngine Unlimited Transfer $29 WPEngine Review
Secure Your Website
Ranking Provider Benefits Price/Yr Review
#1 Comodo World Leader $76.95 Comodo Review
2 Sitelock Secure Your Site $109/yr Sitelock Review
Build Your Business
Ranking Provider Benefits Price/Yr Review
#1 Wishpond Marketing Platform $588 Wishpond Review
2 Freshbooks Business Accounting $162 Freshbooks Review


What is WordPress Hosting?

Many businesses use a blog—often WordPress—as part of their platform to reach out to customers in an unfiltered, casual way. They keep up with industry news, information and status updates. Or, in this day and age, many users have a blog that is their business. Whether you use WordPress for personal use, portfolio use, business use or other, taking the next step and choosing a host that comes WordPress optimized will help your blog increase its traffic and reach.

But first, what is WordPress hosting? A WordPress host does more than just include the WordPress app plug-in; these hosts prioritize the blog first and foremost, either in their template, or in their features. If you use WordPress for more than half of your website’s workings, a WordPress host will save you money in the long run.

Many hosts include WordPress as a premium (costly) feature. WordPress-specific hosts, instead, supply WordPress for free and charge for different features instead. Other tools come free, or cheaply, on these hosts compared to others; many companies include SEO tools and analytics software in their standard packages. Then, most hosts allow users to pay for levels of management. Users can either manage their own blogs 100% of the time, or pay customer support staff to consistently update your software, run virus checks, and perform all the technical duties.

Our reviews decipher WordPress hosts and highlight the features that make each stand out from the other. Any host can prioritize WordPress, but some hosts may offer additional features that refine your choice and make it simple.