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Wix Review



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Wix is a website-building service that promotes very clean, user-friendly and tech-strong webpages. They promote the best drag-and-drop templates for all their clients—and not just those who pay. All of their templates start free and build from there. The paid packages are divided into categories based on profession, to ensure that the e-commerce site gets everything it requires, while the blogging platform ends up with a SEO-optimized version of the same template. The brand is great for personal pages, business pages and medium-sized companies. And if you’re still confused, you can always tap into their extensive web-building resources.

What We Like

introductionFirst, Wix is an entirely honest group with a very simple message and delivery. They’re just as honest about the fact that some subscriptions are paid as they are about their free templates. That, and they tell customers straight away which plans will work best for their business. Personal pages don’t need the same e-commerce plugins as the eCommerce package and so are divided into different plans with different rates. If a client needed priority support for their business, no matter the business, they could skip to the VIP plan. And if you’re not sure which plan works for you, you can contact their support team.

It helps that their template designs are impressively coded and malleable. Clients drag-and-drop information, pictures, text and others, into the template to make their webpage. Wix requires little to no coding per client and is user-friendly for even the least skilled businessperson.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionEven though the packages are well spaced out, it would be nice if they had a form of mix and match features and plugins. There are some features you can upgrade within each plan, but there may come an instance where a client wants all features of one plan, plus just one feature of another plan.  At least the customer support team is open to assistance. They have enough information, demos and contact options that—should this request arise—they should be able to work around those issues.

Another minor problem is that the help center and support page are two different pages. The customer is entirely capable of switching between the two, but it might make more sense to consolidate the two pages into one.


featuresThe features are represented in two categories: what all website templates/builders offer and what the premium plans offer. There are plenty of free, editable templates to choose from, designed for a clean look with fast upload time. All templates are HTML5, but use drag-and-drop website building software to make customizing easy. Each website has secure, free hosting, a Wix app market for upgrades, options for e-commerce capabilities, and dedicated support. All websites are Google search-optimized and mobile friendly.

Then, if the client chooses, there are additional premium upgrades. These include one year’s free domain, up to $300 in ad vouchers, two free premium apps, a VIP tech support service (apart from the standard tech support; this is probably a priority waiting service), more storage and more bandwidth. Premium packages offer up to 20GB storage and up to unlimited bandwidth.

Other features include domain connectivity, Google Analytics, free hosting, no Wix ads, a customized “favicon,” no mobile ads, a “site booster” and “form builder” app, and Google AdWords voucher, among others.


pricingThe free-based websites are just that: free. The premium packages run their own low-cost subscription fees. The most basic package covers just domain connectivity; the other packages are the Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP. Wix tells the clients which package is best for which type of business, right in the description box.

At the time of writing, all plans have a discount—this means Wix is prone to subscription discounts and deals. The Combo costs $9.95/month, over a full-price quote of $13.25/month. The Unlimited costs $12.42/month on sale, $22.90/month full price. The eCommerce costs $16.17/month on sale, $24.99/month full price. Lastly, the VIP costs $24.92/month on sale, $39.90/month full price.

Control Panel

controlpanelBecause Wix is a website-builder, the control panel as it were is the website itself. Users can customize and edit their site using the website interface. The website interface lets users drag-and-drop information, change design details and others, according to the specific template’s accommodations. Users can freely pick which template they desire.

There are other management tools for the premium plans. Users assign a Premium Plan to an existing site, up- or downgrade an existing plan, renew the plan, and adjust payment plans and subscription details. Users access these menus by logging into their Wix account and working from the “My Sites” tab.

Customer Support

supportWix has a masterfully thorough Knowledge Database. They lead with this database when you reach out to their support team. Users can use the search bar and look up the questions they have, or the problems they face, for one of literally hundreds of articles per question or issue. They also have an online forum, where users can submit questions direct to staff on-site to answer.

The contact information is in their contact page. This is where they consolidate their Help center. They advise e-mail, but offer plenty of other contact options, including multiple e-mails, a phone number, social media pages, and a chat line. In addition to contact, they publish video demos, run a blog, showcase Wix “stories” and other information sources.


reliability1Wix is reliably free and reliably transparent. They even profess that yes, some features must be paid for as part of how they uphold their own business. They don’t sweep these paid-for features under the rug, nor do they shortchange the free layouts. This, and the paid features don’t actually cost that much compared to competitors, especially based on how they’re divided into their packages. Wix also has a well-rounded support team for all its customers, regardless of package and plan. 

Final Conclusion

wixrecommendedWix is a perfect option for any user starting their own website—and especially for first-time users. They’re easy to understand, present information in an educational, user-friendly way, and make sure the clients are well taken care of as they build their page. Wix is the company to choose for an impressive website layout and high uptime guarantees.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)