WishPond Review

WishPond Review



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Wishpond is an online marketing software and a lead management tool equipped with a host of tools for your online business marketing needs. What does Wishpond do? With Wishpond you will be able to ensure that the customers who have purchased from your site will keep coming back to your site for more. Wishpond can do this as it is equipped with a wide variety of management tools and services which makes it possible for customers to come back to your site. The tools available are for landing pages, social media promotions and contests, website popups, and a host of other marketing analytic tools. Basically, with Wishpond, you will be able to generate, manage and nurture your leads, thus helping you to grow your business over time.

What We Like


Wishpond brings with it a lot of management and marketing tools, and that is what we liked best about Wishpond. Wishpond allows you to integrate multiple varying features from your website making it attractive and appealing for the visitors. With the tools provided one can also build as well as publish web pages which are mobile friendly within a matter of minutes. One can integrate these pages into the website and these forms pop-up when a visitor visits the landing page. The ability to quickly run contests and promotions on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. without any complexity is another excellent thing about Wishpond.

The Lead Management system which is provided is also very efficient, and with it, one can easily monitor the activity of a lead which will help you to understand its behaviour better.  The Lead Management provided by Wishpond is one of its best and standout features which we liked the most. With this management system, one can attract leads while at the same time keep them engaged with feeds which are related to the product they are attracted to.

Wishpond is also able to monitor and record the navigation patterns of a lead helping you to understand the needs of your customers also building relations in the process. Wishpond also offers an extensive variety of analytic tools which we liked very much. With these analytic tools, one will be able to understand the leads better, identifying the avenues in which more marketing work is needed. This will help the business or company to understand what is working and what is not in their online marketing efforts.

What We Don’t Like


Overall Wishpond has minimal faults and complaints. However, there are a couple of things which we did not like about Wishpond, and these include, its often sluggish page builder, the absence of calendar management and Return of Investment Tracking functionality and its compatibility issue with some web browsers which include Chrome.



Wishpond features three types of plans which are Starting Out, Everything You Need and Rapid Growth. Each of these plans offers a great set of features with some of them common in all plans, while some are unique to a plan only. The features that are common across all the plans are Landing Pages, Social Contests, Popups, Marketing Automation, Email drip campaigns, Custom CSS and Unlimited user accounts.

When we move to the Everything, You Need Plan the additional features it provides are A/B Testing, Custom JavaScript, API Access and a maximum of 2500 leads. The third plan will include all the additional features of the second plan and add to it, First-in-line Customer Support, Implementation Coaching which is free of cost and an unlimited number of leads. Let us discuss in detail some of the best features of Wishpond, and the first is Landing Pages. One of the best features of Wishpond is its ability to generate and test out landing pages.

The landing pages are designed by Wishpond, and they have been designed in such a way to generate a large number of leads for your site. The landing page can be created very easily as the dashboard has the option baked into it and once created it can be used to assess the performance and statistics of your website enabling you to make changes if necessary.

Next comes Marketing automation which allows you to perform automated tasks which can be customised and tailor-made to your likings. Last but not least is the Contest and promotions feature which allows you to run contests and promotions for your website’s marketing needs. This feature is relatively simple and very intuitive allowing users to design modules either from scratch or from templates which are already available.



The Pricing of Wishpond differs from plan to plan, and as such it comes with three plans, and they are Starting Out, Everything You Need and Rapid Growth respectively. The Plans are offered on a monthly basis, so the billing has to be done accordingly. The Starting Out Plan costs $49/month, the Everything you need costs $99/month and the Rapid Growth will cost you $199/month. One thing to keep in mind is that all these plans have a free 14-day trial which allows customers to experience the services before buying them.


Customer Support


Wishpond’s customer support is also available 24×7 and support are offered via chat, email and phone support. Chat and email support are available across all the three plans. However, the phone support is only available for users who avail the third plan, i.e., the Rapid Growth Plan. The support team is very quick and responsive and as such tackles and addresses customer complaints and queries without little to any issues. Besides these channels of support, Wishpond’s website has a host of tutorials, videos, articles and other digital material which will help and guide customers to rectify issues and clear doubts and queries.


Final Conclusion


Taking into account the huge host an array of features which Wishpond provides it is very good and capable Lead management and online marketing software for all types of businesses. Wishpond is fairly easy to use and implement into one’s website and does the job of gaining leads very effectively. However, what makes Wishpond standout is its huge offering of additional tools for landing pages, social contests, market automation, popups and other sets of tools. These tools are not offered by Wishpond’s competition which further sets it apart from the rest and makes it a very capable and unique lead management tool.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)