When you need to upgrade to a dedicated server

When you need to upgrade to a dedicated server

Shared hosting services are certainly least expensive, but they’re also intended for personal-use or small business sites. If your online business succeeds, you’ll likely need to consider other options such as VPS hosting. If you’re not sure of when to cut the cord, here are some signs that you should upgrade to a dedicated server:

Your traffic is steadily growing

This differs from VPS or Cloud hosting, in that your traffic in this instance would not just be growing; it would be growing at a steady incline, with no sign of stopping. It’s best to look into dedicated server options when you see steady, none or little-fluxuating growth, well before your traffic reaches the threshold for your shared hosting plan. Once your traffic size meets that threshold, your users will notice speed issues, site crashes, and other problems that will make consumers walk away and never come back. Don’t let your page build a reputation for a poor user experience.

You require a lot of software

Your business could expand enough that you have to sustain a lot of products and a lot of order capabilities on one website. You may need many pages to keep your store sizable and effective. Or, if not a store, you may have a website that requires other plugins and software, like gaming or Flash software, prone to bugs and long loading times. Dedicated hosting will supply more than enough memory and power for your site, in whichever sizes and capacities you choose, and come with quite a few other features additionally. This is another business model that will suffer from a lagging site.

You can afford one

Don’t just buy dedicated hosting because you can, if you run one personal page alone. Rather, turn to dedicated hosting over VPS or Cloud hosting if you match the above requirements and can afford a dedicated host, for a few reasons. First, a customer support team can focus entirely on your site, because yours is the only site that belongs on the server. Your security increases, in both software and hardware, with dedicated hosting over the others. Plus, you never have to worry about your traffic getting too large, now that you’ve reached the top. Technologies improve over time and it’s likely that the traffic on your site won’t reach the point that one dedicated server can’t handle its course.

You make consistent changes

Say you consistently add and take away features to your site, a common feature of e-commerce sites, for instance. These changes can impact any other website sharing your server space, if you use a shared server. Switching to dedicated hosting will not only free up your flexibility, but it will give you more features with which to customize your site.

Dedicated servers are the top dog servers among hosting platforms. They’re for serious business. If your business is sizable enough to be serious—or is set to be that serious very soon—consider comparing plans and finding the best dedicated server host for your site.