When should you consider VPS hosting?

When should you consider VPS hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is just one type of server you can choose to host your website. It has its own amenities and plenty of pros. By and large, it’s considered the “halfway” point between a shared host and a dedicated server host. In reality, it’s both a halfway point and a “straddling” option, taking great advantages from either and merging them into one package.

If you’re confused about which server is right for you, here’s when you should potentially consider VPS hosting:

Is your traffic large?

Chances are, you’re either looking for a larger server platform, or you’re looking for a platform that exceeds the platform you’ve just outgrown. VPS hosts can accommodate sites with large traffic volumes, without lowering their speed, but that’s just one advantage. Because VPS are virtual, scaling the server’s size, memory and bandwidth accommodations is far faster and simpler here than with other servers. If you know business is booming, but don’t know when, or for how long, VPS hosting will give you the flexibility and peace of mind you need to let business grow.

Is your site slow?

You can blame a slow site on many varying factors. Perhaps the server you use now isn’t up to par. Maybe your site has been “discovered” and you can’t handle the new swells of traffic. Maybe someone else’s website is taking up the bandwidth in a shared server. Or, maybe you just host quite a bit of content in one tiny space. In that case, you have something in common with a VPS. VPS servers can swell with traffic and content demands, all while fitting into the same secure server it always has. Saving speed can save you revenue.

Is your server permanent?

Do you need a larger, effective and secure server—for just a few days, weeks, or months? Putting down a lot of money on a dedicated server doesn’t make sense for that time frame, especially when many hosts require subscription plans. Limping by with a shared server doesn’t work either, because you could be endangering your own traffic, as well as other users’ traffic. VPS hosting is the middle ground where you can gain the advantages of a large server and accommodate all your traffic, but feel free to break the connection if you need to then scale back to a shared server.

Is your whole business online?

A whole variety of businesses perform their functions online. These could be, but are not limited to, e-commerce sites. Any site with a brand and representation on their web page needs their page to run smoothly and effectively. Great hosts are just worth the investment. If you need to invest in a highly-secure, high quality server, but perhaps don’t have the traffic for a server all your own, VPS will match your qualifications and keep your uptime high.

These are just some of the indicators that VPS hosting is right for you. As always, assess how you and your visitors use your site to define the best possible hosting platform for your business.