What to Look for in a Hosted Email Marketing Platform

What to Look for in a Hosted Email Marketing Platform

An email marketing platform can help you expand your business, increase sales leads, improve conversion rates, and provide a more efficient form of online marketing. Most successful businesses use email marketing as a part of their overall marketing strategy. If you have thought about using this powerful marketing tool, then you will want to discover what you should look for in a hosted email marketing platform.

Email Templates

Many email marketing platforms offer email templates. These templates allow you to create unique and attractive emails that are more likely to grab the attention of the recipients. Being able to use your own custom templates is another feature that you may want to consider.

Deliverability Rates

The deliverability rate is the percentage of emails that actually reach their intended destination. You may need to look at independent reviews of each email marketing platform to find an accurate deliverability rate. Overall, you should look for a company that can at least claim 97% deliverability.

A/B Split Testing

Being able to test the effectiveness of a specific email campaign or newsletter will help you or your marketing team learn how best to increase conversion rates and attract customers. With A/B split testing, an email marketing platform allows you to send out two separate versions of an email and then compare the results, looking at the number of people that opened the email, clicked on a link in an email, or performed another specified interaction. While A/B split testing is common, not all email marketing platforms include this feature.


The bottom line always involves cost, when discussing almost any aspect of a business. Email marketing platforms will have varying prices, and it is often based on the total number of contacts that you want to be able to have. There are plenty of free options, that limit you to around 250 contacts, while the standard rate for having 500 to 1000 contacts is about $10 each month.

If you are new to email marketing, then you may want to get started with a free trial. By the time the trial period ends, you should have a better idea of how many contacts you will need. As your contact list grows, you can always upgrade to a larger plan.

Analytics and Reports

Analytics and custom reports help you see how effective your email marketing campaign is. These reports will often contain details such as the number of people that opened an email or followed a link to your website. If you use Google Analytics, look for an email marketing platform that includes integration with their API. Use your reports to track your progress and keep track of how well your email marketing campaign is working.

Choose a Quality Email Marketing Platform

When you are ready to learn more about how to use an email marketing platform to improve your marketing efforts, then use the suggestions above to pick the best service. There are dozens of different email marketing platforms to choose from. Spend a little time comparing each option, before you come to a final decision.