What Is WordPress Hosting ?

What Is WordPress Hosting ?

WordPress users know that you can access WordPress via its web page and, of course, run your own blog with the software. What, then, is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting platforms are merely platforms of all sizes and server capabilities that revolve around WordPress and make the software their top priority. Not only does the platform and site host WordPress, but the host itself acts like a service that handles the upkeep of your WordPress account. If you manage one or more blogs and are busy, or otherwise don’t have the time for behind-the-scenes handling, a WordPress host will secure the site, keep it up to date and fast-loading, and benefit your pages in other ways, like increased page rank and further SEO tools. Then, the host will offer their own support team to coach you through your WordPress postings and make sure your site is the best it can be. WordPress hosts are ideal for those that make their pages part of their brand, like bloggers, or large blog-running businesses.

Here are some benefits to WordPress hosts, over other standard hosts, if you have a WordPress-hosted page:


The main deal, the security tools delivered by the host work better and more efficiently than anything either WordPress or your personal computer can offer. If you put your whole business or personal life on WordPress, the last thing you want is for the site to be hacked. These services also prevent spam accounts overloading your posts with spam comments—attacks like these can severely drop your page rank.

Control Panels

Hosts can bring their own software and latest technology to the table and let you update and customize your WordPress templates in brand new ways, using new control panels.


Now that you have a skilled team behind your page(s), you don’t have to scrutinize statistics, content or other specs, trying to find out why your WordPress page is suddenly slow, or suddenly crashes. The support teams for WordPress hosts will handle the care of your page and page troubleshooting so you can get back to business.


If you manage more than one page, or run a business for which the blog plays second fiddle, you may not have time to keep the page updated and on-par. This doesn’t matter as much in the beginning, but if you let those patterns of neglect continue, you could end up with a lagging blog, an ill-running site, and far less business. Your blog still represents you. It’s faster, easier and more cost-effective in the long run to let professionals download WordPress updates as they come.

If you don’t receive a lot of page traffic, have just started your blog, or are otherwise building a personal, easy-navigable page, you may not be thinking about WordPress hosting right off the bat. But, if you’re a business, or if your page becomes more successful in terms of reach, traffic and offerings, WordPress hosts can take over the technical work and let you continue using your blog as you always have: as a means to publish articles and interact with your audience.