What Is A Website Builder?

What Is A Website Builder?

You don’t need to be a coding expert to build your own website. Too many people require websites for too many tasks—if we left websites up to those who code, websites would become very expensive, very hard to keep and very marginalized. Rather, coding companies have begun to make “templates,” websites with a standard, pre-packaged code the customer can modify, as they like. Modification doesn’t require coding either; customers just need a great website builder.

A website builder is a program, or a host that supplies the program, to build a website and assign your website with a URL. Sometimes, hosts provide their software over their own website. You would design your page right on the web. Other times, hosts provide a downloadable program you use to pick your template, customize your template and make your website. Once you’re done with your website, you assign the site with a URL and publish the site using the builder’s own publish feature. If you find the right website builder, making your own site really is just that easy.

When you load a website builder, you’ll have your choice of many starter templates. Templates are website designs. They look like websites when you review your options, but they may have blank space where the header would be, or gibberish where you would put your text. These are bookmark graphics, so that you can see what your website would look like with your own images and text in their place. Think of a template like a frame with a substitute stock-image photo inside. Your job is to come prepared with the replacement photo.

First, you should find a web builder that provides templates you want. You may have a specific personal taste, or your company may have its own “brand,” or specific look. Keep in mind the mood you want to exude and what you want your website to say about your company. If you want to portray that you’re a great graphic designer, consider a template that’s clean, modern and image-heavy. If you’re a blogger, you’ll want a journal-style site. Templates come geared toward many occupations, uses and appearances.

Once you pick your template, most web builders allow you to upload images directly to the template’s image boxes, or “drag-and-drop” images from your file menu to the site-in-progress. All you need to do is fill the site to your specifications.

If you do know a little bit of coding, don’t worry. Most web builders have an “edit code” option, to make minor tweaks and refinements if you know how. If you find yourself needing to edit too much code, however, you might save time by just finding another template.

Website builders are the Internet’s gift to budding entrepreneurs and website-users. Anyone at all can make a website, for any purpose, and the viewer would never know how the website was made. Your website could have been the simplest project to date, but the public would only see a professional-looking page that appeared to require a lot of code.