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Weebly Review




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Weebly is a website builder that formats content elements on one easy-to-use creator control panel. Users can everything from maps to photos, videos and more components to their page. Weebly boasts incredible features at low prices—and provides additional customer oriented resources—to keep clients happy and inspired. Overall, Weebly offers a whole bunch of features, hosting options, apps and more, for the price of a simple website building program compared to many of their active competitors.

What We Like

introductionA feature that Weebly has that no competitor has (at least, none that come to mind) is the Inspiration Center. Laid out akin to a personal blog, the inspiration center takes site building to the next level. It doesn’t just tell you how to use Weebly better; the articles demonstrate how to build authentic brands, showcase other plugins and products, and help all their readers succeed in reaching their audience through transparency, honesty and drive. It’s inspiring just to see a company go to such lengths to deliver the most pure information to their customers.

Additionally, and almost needless to say, their website templates are beautifully constructed, tech-savvy and on par with what a modern website looks like today. Websites made here will have a powerful edge over other, older sites. Weebly seems more up-to-date and fresh.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionUsers have to go to the contact page to get in touch with Weebly, rather than go to their support page. Their support page contains an in-depth knowledge base and a small ticket request link on the top-right hand corner, but not much else. There isn’t too much problem with dividing the pages, but sometimes it can confuse a new user.

Similarly, all the features were too much for one page. Some features were listed as a builder overview, among other features, but then the separate hardware features were listed on the price page. For such an otherwise streamlined service, putting a bit of both on one page, or referral links to each page and vice versa, would make sense when trying to see which features work best for your brand.


featuresThe features include the aforementioned clean building software, a drag-and-drop builder that lets users control basic elements, design elements and a whole database of custom themes. The websites are all mobile friendly—Weebly provides mobile compatible templates for all users and allows them to customize them in the same fashion. These sites are built for expanding mobile traffic; the program understand that users want to take their sites mobile and into the world. Their building program has its own mobile editor, to control some of the finesses of mobile displays and coloration.

Along with the builder and themes, Weebly has e-commerce and other hosting solutions. The e-commerce options for their web builders have shopping car programs, checkout programs, mobile store compatibility, filtered product searches, digital good, SEO optimized stores, shipping options, tax control and calculators and more.

Their blog templates allow you full control over the layout, navigation and other modifications that best streamline your site for visitors. They come with RSS and social sharing features to share your posts across multiple websites and platforms.

Another highlight happens to be the real-time site statistics, so you can measure the effectiveness of your site and make any adjustments you need with the Weebly editor. Other services to come with their features include SSL certificates, DDoS Mitigation, no forced advertising on your personal template (which is rare among builders), password-protection options and optional, full HTML/CSS control and customization.


pricingUnbelievably, alongside their competitors, Weebly offers one free package for those that only need the most basic manageable features. These are for those with temporary sites, or strictly personal sites. Other plans are called the “Starter,” “Pro” and “Business” plans. Within 30 days, all customers can receive a 100% money-back guarantee.

The entirely free plan comes just with the drag-and-drop builder, free hosting and unlimited pages. Even free plans come with no page cap. They receive e-mail customer support additionally, up to five e-commerce products, a 3% transaction fee and an integrated shopping cart through weebly.com.

The Starter plan comes to just $4/month, contains the above features and also includes domain connectivity, expanded statistics, both e-mail and chat, a removable Weebly link from your domain, $100 Google ad credit and more.

The Pro plan, at $8/month, adds a header slideshow option, HD video and audio players, password-protected pages, site search bars, SSL security and increased e-commerce options. Last, the Business plan provides all possible features, including member registration where site visitors can sign up for your list at the push of a button, unlimited e-commerce products, digital goods, 0 transaction fee, inventory management, shipping and tax calculators and coupon codes. This plan costs just $25/month, change compared to some of their competitors’ prices.

Customer Support

supportTheir customer support menu provides a slew of articles on how to use Weebly, common questions pertaining to the site and its support, how to modify text and image elements for your site, how to mobilize your site, and more. They post training webcasts, pages and navigation, and information on building and hosting your own blog—either in conjunction with your site, or as your main site. Users could just search this knowledge base of reference articles by using the search bar at the top of the page.

Control Panel

controlpanelWeebly takes advantage of a building software that almost looks like an art program in its construction, but works like a drag-and-drop website builder. To the left of the page is the component menu, where users can choose design specs and build their page from the ground up. They can publish right from this builder, or contact Weebly for further support.



reliability1Weebly makes their help and presence known to 140 million unique visitors, visiting 20 million Weebly-built sites per month. They offer the same building resources, features and benefits to all customers, regardless of size or intention, and communicate with clients to help them best showcase their products and achievements. They’re not here to blindside; they’re here to help customers only in the most genuine, honest way possible. 

Final Conclusion

weeblyrecommendedWeebly is among the most simple and cost-effective web building tools to date. Weebly can put even a free website online with incredible perks, no add pressure, all the tools and incredible resources. Weebly has the reputation to build up their clients over themselves and wants nothing more than to see every client and consumer succeed.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)