Website Builder Reviews

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Top Website Builders
Ranking Website Builder Benefits Price/Mo. Review
#1 Jimdo Free Domain $7.50 Jimdo Review
2 Wix Unlimited Bandwidth $12.42 Wix Review
3 Unlimited Storage $1.95 Review
4 Weebly Unlimited Pages $4 Weebly Review
5 Strikingly Mobile Ready $8 Strikingly Review
Secure Your Website
Ranking Provider Benefits Price/Yr Review
#1 Comodo World Leader $76.95 Comodo Review
2 Sitelock Secure Your Site $109/yr Sitelock Review
Build Your Business
Ranking Provider Benefits Price/Yr Review
#1 Wishpond Marketing Platform $588 Wishpond Review
2 Freshbooks Business Accounting $162 Freshbooks Review


What is A Website Builder?

You or your customer may want a website, but may not know the first thing about coding and programming. Website builders come into the picture to solve this dilemma. Builders promote custom-coded templates, like frames, for future websites. Users can choose free programs, buy subscriptions for hosts, or pay for certain templates and get to work designing their site. A good website builder usually allows the user to “drag-and-drop” their details—pictures, text, menus, URLs, etc.—into the template frame. Once everything looks good, the user can hit “publish” and make their website public. While some templates offer coding options, these are opt-in features; clients never need a coding background.

Then, website builders offer all kinds of features and details that set their hosts apart. Some are  SEO optimized without extra work. Some come with blog programs, or are blog-site specific. Others carry e-commerce tools and settings. The type of host you use will offer the templates and features that matter most for your business. These features, and their prices, will vary between each host.

Website builders come with free subscriptions and other paid features. Some users will stick with the free packages happily. Others want certain features—or don’t want the host’s banner stuck to their homepage—and will pay for those added perks. Again, the difference between the two revolves around which option works best for your purposes. Our reviews draw out the best features of the top website building platforms in a transparent way. We let you decide if each host will give you the benefits you and your brand deserve.