Web.com Review

Web.com Review



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Web.com is a small/medium sized business web-builder interface that helps businesses succeed online. They’re among the first web building platforms on the web that allow the DIY option—the option for users to build their own website with little to no coding capabilities, choosing from one of up to 2500 templates—with over thirty years of experience. They provide solutions for personal use, e-commerce businesses and social media.

The DIY feature helps users make streamlined, functioning and reliably fast websites for their consumers and brand. Their website gallery showcases many of the DIY templates, other options, and examples.

What We Like

introductionThere are over 2500 template designs, but more than that, they’re divided up into their own categories. Competing sites let customers choose generic templates and expect them to make them work for their business with plugins and other added features. There’s no guarantee that the layouts they choose will work best for their business model. Web.com intervenes instead and allocates templates based on profession. They design templates—for example—for construction businesses, fashion salons, e-commerce sites, law firms, pest control companies and restaurants; they work and have worked with most industries clients can name. Their customer base exceeds three million customers. And then, outside of business models, clients could choose more blog-like, portfolio-like, or personal use templates.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionThe templates are clearly SEO optimized, but for clients to hear the particulars about SEO tools and some other integrated features, they have to call a representative. Fortunately, representatives are on hand twenty four-hours a day, seven days a week to take client questions and problems.

Another support issue just resides with their chat link. Their support page provides all the necessary information, and the front page has a unique chat popup feature if the client browses for some time. Web.com can see how long a customer has been deliberating about an option and can ask if they have any questions. There seems to be no immediate link to that same chat feature from their support/contact page, however. Web.com users probably have to log in to their account to access the chat feature and use other features, like the phone numbers, online form and e-mails, in the meantime.


featuresOut of hundreds of web templates, Web.com equips the client with all the most basic tools you need to start your website. They give the client a free domain name for the business, unlimited web storage for media and content, a business email address, their custom-made DIY web builder with drag-and-drop capabilities and a professional stock image library. The last is a plus, considering stock images can be costly if not free and rather hard to find in surplus otherwise.

Other potential features include Google Local setup and page rank increases to help your site reach the top of a Google search; website statistics and updates delivered by Web.com to keep your page running optimally; mobile-friendly templates with no added work; and analytics platforms so that you can measure your outreach and marketing efforts.

If the customer doesn’t want to design their own website using a template, Web.com will build the website for the client. They can also handle the web marketing monthly and let them know of any changes.


pricingThe free DIY website domain, because the client doesn’t employ Web.com services, is free. The client also earns one free domain name. There are premium packages, however, both within the website builder and within the website plus services bundles.

The premium website builder, with upgraded features, for the first month only costs $1.95. Afterwards, the premium set costs $22.95/month. The other deals earn the same first-month reduction. The Website + Marketing package starts at just $2.95/month, then costs $32.95/month thereafter. The next package up adds e-commerce and starts with $3.95/month, then costs $42.95/month.

The option that entails Web.com build the site for you fluctuates based on package. One of their chat line service representatives can walk the client through those details and price plans.

Control Panel

controlpanelWeb.com customers receive the control panel login details once they sign up for the service. The control panel looks very simplistic and has a very standard, one-way interface. They use quite a bit of white space, to make the features stand out, and the main menus appear in the center in very bright, colorful buttons. Because Web.com offers a whole host of services in addition to the website building tool, the menus range from billing to domains, websites, e-commerce, files and webmail. They also supply the “online effectiveness score,” a useful bar that diagnoses the services the client can add, which would increase their site performance. The client can apply for mobile site rendering as well.

The support button appears again at the top right of the page; they list their contact number once more on the top left of the page.

Customer Support

supportTheir extensive Contact Us page supplies their headquarters address and multiple numbers for points of contact, including the main, sales, and technical support numbers. Customers can sign in and submit a technical support form if they have any questions or comments. They also have a chat service that appears periodically from the home page. A named representative asks the client how they can be of service.

Once the client makes an account and logs in to their control panel, they can access tutorial videos that show them how to make websites and add features before mistakes arise.


reliability1Web.com has a reliable history with personal users, small-business owners and e-commerce customers. Their features and over 2500 template options speak for themselves. They also allow the “do-it-for-me” web-builder option specifically because they trust that they can deliver a reputable result. If the client can make their own website, they can rely on the usable template, security services, the robust features and web gallery and other accouterments. 

Final Conclusion

webrecommendedWeb.com’s DIY web builder is functional, easy to use and easy to upgrade. The templates will give any user a free, professional-looking site, with plenty of options for added assistance from Web.com. They also have a great customer service platform, ready to assist their clients with troubleshooting issues. Their established industry reputation, and high industry reviews, speaks for itself.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)