VPS and Dedicated Server Reviews

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Top VPS & Dedicated Server Hosts
Ranking Web Host Benefits Price/Mo. Review
#1 Host HostDime Fully Managed $50 HostDime Review
2 MediaTemple 24/7 Support $55 MediaTemple Review
3 Singlehop Easy Control Panel $159 SinglehopReview
4 Codero Fully Scalable $5-300 Codero Review
5 RackSpace Hosting Expert Support $27.36 Rackspace Review
6 iWeb Premium Hardware $79 iWeb Review
7 Interserver Free Migration $12 Interserver Review
Secure Your Website
Ranking Provider Benefits Price/Yr Review
#1 Comodo World Leader $76.95 Comodo Review
2 Sitelock Secure Your Site $109/yr Sitelock Review
Build Your Business
Ranking Provider Benefits Price/Yr Review
#1 Wishpond Marketing Platform $588 Wishpond Review
2 Freshbooks Business Accounting $162 Freshbooks Review


What is a VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting?

Virtual Private Server/s (VPS) and Cloud hosting sound incredibly similar. They both entail the virtual space, virtual storage and “room” to grow. They don’t sound like they should be remarkably different.

The two have “virtual” in common, but the differences vary. VPS have a greater scale size than their shared server cousins and set aside enough specs like memory and power just for your website. Removed from other sites, they’re less susceptible to security infiltration, power outages and the other shared hosting scares. They provide their web owner and host both with increased control, yet they still share one hardware server with other sites via code.

A cloud server takes the virtual space into the virtual stratosphere. Users can scale up, or scale down, their services with remarkable speed and efficiency. They’re made for booming businesses that don’t yet know in which direction—or for how long—their business will climb. Cloud servers can tack on virtual spaces, copies of the same spaces, and far exceed the bandwidth VPS servers offer.

Both servers take place in the virtual sphere and both have different hosting options, like self-managed hosting versus managed hosting. Their similarities tend to stop there. VPS work best for the smaller business in need of more attention and security. Cloud servers are for businesses with huge accommodations.

Our reviews will decipher the differences between cloud hosting, VPS hosting, where they intersect and which hosting platforms offer the best of both. Our unbiased analysis will weigh the pros and cons of all the virtual hosts, then lay out the details and let you make up your own mind.