Volusion Review

Volusion Review



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With Volusion, you will receive all the features that are required to get started with an ecommerce store. Learn more about their package options and whether it is worth the cost to use Volusion for your ecommerce needs.

Having your own ecommerce store allows you to sell your products and services all over the world. Using a platform that is specifically designed for building an ecommerce store is a much simpler process than using a website builder and adding an ecommerce plugin or add-on. Keep reading to learn more about Volusion, including their features, pricing plans, reliability, and customer support.

What We Like

introductionThere is quite a bit to enjoy, when you choose Volusion for your ecommerce store. There are affordable hosting plans, quality customer service, and other benefits of picking Volusion, including:


  • Hundreds of available templates to choose from
  • A variety of payment options
  • Onscreen help
  • Social media integration
  • Inventory management

The first pro to choosing Volusion is the selection of templates. There are hundreds of options to pick from. As with many other ecommerce platforms, some of the templates are free and some require a fee. When searching for a template, you can search by price, industry, or other categories.

There are multiple ways to pay for your Volusion account. In addition to accepting major credit cards, you can also pay via PayPal or Google Checkout. Choose the payment system that works best with your current business situation.

As you fill out forms or begin setting up your website, there are question mark icons located throughout the interface. When you click on one of these icons, you will receive a short description about what the form field or option is used for. Even though Volusion has a simple interface, these small tips help streamline the process of learning how to navigate and use their software.

With social media integration, you can easily share to social media whenever you add a new product or start a new sale. Automatically post to Facebook or Twitter, after signing into your accounts and setting up the auto-posting.

The inventory management system is a major part of any ecommerce solution. You need to be able to properly track your products. They offer the ability to create custom reports and import or export your complete product lists. There are also additional resources for helping you manage vendors, warehouses, and even purchases.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionThere are only a few small complaints about using Volusion. Overall, it is a quality platform for managing your ecommerce store, but you should be aware of the following issues:


  • There is no blogging platform
  • Product limits

Even though you can use Volusion to set up a great looking ecommerce website, there is no blogging feature. You cannot easily add a blog to your site to help increase the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. While there are no blogging options, you can link to an external blog.

Each of the ecommerce plans offered by Volusion has a limit on the number of products that you can add. The most affordable plan, the Mini Plan, costs just $15 per month, but only allows you to add up to 100 products. For many businesses, it will not take very long to reach this limit – at which point, you will be forced to upgrade to the next plan up.


featuresThere are several features included in a Volusion ecommerce plan that will help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Some of these features are listed below:


  • Customer profiles
  • Custom reporting
  • Analytics
  • Prebuilt reports

Using Volusion, you can create your own custom customer profiles. By using this feature, you can create a detailed profile of the various demographics that you intend to target and begin tailoring your marketing efforts and messages towards a specific target audience.

With custom reporting and analytics, you can a full analysis of how well your website is doing. Receive reports on your sales, revenue, website traffic, and various statistics. You can either create custom reports or use the prebuilt reports.


pricingVolusion offers 4 different packages to fit your budget. From the Mini ($15 per month) to the Premium ($135 per month) plans. With the Mini plan, you can add up to 100 products. The Plus plan, at $35 per month allows you to add up to 1,000 products, the Pro plan ($75 per month) allows up to 10,000 products, while the Premium plan allows unlimited products.

All plans include unlimited storage and no transaction fees. They also include a Facebook store, mobile commerce, social media tools, online support, and automatic tax rates.

Control Panel

controlpanelThe control panel is not overly complicated, but some users may find it difficult to navigate at first. To help you out, there are a large variety of learning materials. There is an FAQ, a detailed knowledge base, live webinars, video tutorials, and a user guide.


Customer Support

supportVolusion offers 24/7 customer support via email, live chat, phone, or even social media. Send an email to create a ticket for your technical problem. If you need instant results, you can use the live chat feature contact the customer support team on the phone. For various questions and non-urgent issues, you can message them through social media.


reliability1You will find no faults, when discussing the reliability of Volusion. They offer reliable hosting, with no downtime, and a streamlined website builder, so that your ecommerce store should not have any hiccups or problems with the user experience.


Final Conclusion

volusionrecommendedVolusion is a great way to get started with your first ecommerce store. For a minimal monthly fee, you can create an ecommerce store that contains up to 100 products. Larger businesses, may be able to find a more affordable option, when needing one of the bigger plans in order to accommodate a larger number of products.

The interface is simple and easy to use and any novice should have no issues, creating an ecommerce store using the provided templates and website builder. In the end, Volusion does provide a top-notch service that is only lacking add-on features and blogging capabilities.

For those that want to begin creating an ecommerce store, visit Volusion and pick from one of the four plans.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)