Trust-Guard Review

Trust-Guard Review



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Trust Guard  is one of many website security options available to online businesses. Ecommerce is booming and shoppers tend to prefer making purchases from trusted websites. Trust Guard targets businesses that want to ensure their payment card transactions are secure and safe.

They offer PCI (payment card industry) scanning to check for viruses and malware that could potentially make your website and customers vulnerable to malicious attacks and data breaches. Find out if the Trust Guard Security Seal is the best option for your website security.

What We Like

introductionThere are many different verification services available that show your customers that your website can be trusted, including Verisign, HackerSafe, and others, but these services can be quite expensive. Trust Guard Security Seal is definitely more affordable than most of the other options. While evaluating their services, we also found the following features beneficial:

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Money back guarantee
  • Quality customer service
  • A selection of payment options

The first thing Trust Guard  promises are an increase in your customer conversion rates. They claim an average increase of 15%, which comes from the added sense of security that your shoppers get from seeing the seal and being able to verify that you run a legitimate shopping experience. While the actual increase in conversion rates will vary, it is hard to deny that added security has an impact on sales.

After signing up for Trust Guard Security services, you have 60 days to evaluate the service. During this time, if you decide that their service is not worth the cost, you get your money back. This creates a no risk option for trying out their services.

If at any time you have questions or concerns, Trust Guard has a quality customer service team that is ready to answer your questions or help you add the security seal to your website and implement their website security features.

You also have a large selection of payment options to choose from. You can pay monthly or you can pay 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years in advance. The larger the payment option, the more you can save.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionThere is not much to dislike about Trust Guard. They provide a simple service at a reasonable price and set out to do what they claim – verify the authenticity of your website so that your customers can feel more secure.

One of the only aspects of using Trust Guard that some business owners may dislike is the fact that it is hard to confirm the effectiveness of having a seal on your website. With a security seal, you are creating a perceived sense of security for your shoppers. While most people notice an increase in conversion rates, it is hard to prove that these are directly tied to using a security seal.

Another feature that is troublesome is that with the lowest plan, the Quarterly Scan, you cannot display the security seal. You will meet PCI requirements, but cannot add the trusted security seal to your website, so you will not receive the benefit of showing customers that your website can be trusted.


featuresThe features that the Trust Guard Security Seal offers are fairly straightforward. Regardless of the plan that you choose, you will get to feature a security seal on your website, which is becoming more common for ecommerce websites. With a seal on your website, you are showing that your shopping experience is PCI compliant.

The plan you choose will also determine the frequency of PCI scans that Trust Guard performs. With some of the more expensive plans, you will receive the following features:

  • Malware scans
  • Easy SAQ wizard
  • Additional IP addresses or subdomains
  • Additional scans

The SAQ (self-assessment questionnaire) wizard will allow you to quickly set up the Trust Guard services and begin implementing them with your shopping experience. Starting with the monthly plan, you can add additional IP addresses and subdomains; you will also get additional PCI scans.


pricingTrust Guard offers four different plans and four payment options – monthly, yearly, for 3 years, or for 5 years in advance. By choosing a payment option greater than monthly, you can cut down on the costs. At the monthly level, you can choose from the following:

  • Quarterly scan – $37 per month
  • Monthly scan – $57 per month
  • Weekly scan – $67 per month
  • Daily scan – $147 per month

The plan you choose determines how often Trust Guard scans for viruses. Starting with the monthly plan, malware scanning is included, as well as the ability to add subdomains that you want to scan.

Customer Support

supportIf you ever have any issues using Trust Guard Security Seal, you can always contact their customer service department. They are available every day of the week via phone, email, and live chat. Support tickets are resolved quickly and efficiently.


Final Conclusion

trust-guardrecommendedIs Trust Guard Security the best option for adding website security to your ecommerce site? There is a debate as to whether adding a security seal to your website provides real value. There is a perceived sense of security that shoppers can get from visiting a website that displays a security seal, so it’s worth adding this seal to your website so you can increase conversion rates.

As far as the price, Trust Guard Security Seal is more affordable than most of the other security seal options available. There are multiple plans to choose from, as well as four different payment options. The more money you spend, the more PCI scans you can get. Trust Guard has a quality customer service team and always resolves tickets quickly and the easy to use SAQ wizard makes implementation simple.

In the end, the choice is yours. Trust Guard Security Seal has a 60 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk involved in trying out their services. Give Trust Guard a try and track your conversion rates to see if you notice a difference in sales.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)