Top 5 Features To Look In A VPS Host

Top 5 Features To Look In A VPS Host

Once you decided on a VPS host, you may be plenty aware that VPS hosts differ from other host and server varieties. Now, you have to parse the options and find the best VPS host for you; this process may not seem as clear-cut as the others. Fortunately, while you might want to regard some specific points, the top five features to look for in a VPS host are more of the same:


Really pay attention to competing VPS host prices. The cheapest VPS host may not offer as many features for your dollar, but other hosts may overcharge their VPS packages for the exact same features. Research plans, read review sites, and count the features per package. Make sure you’re getting the lowest ratio of features-to-price, regardless of the price itself. Keep in mind too which features you actually need, and make sure the majority of these features fall into the plan you choose. Your host will likely fall into a median price range—not too expensive, but not the absolute least expensive.

Memory and Space

Because you chose a VPS host, the space and the amount of memory your host can supply should a) greatly exceed that of a shared server or its components and b) be flexible according to your needs. Remember, VPS hosts should be able to manage abruptly changing memory and traffic needs. Your VPS host should come with enough memory and bandwidth padding and add-ons to accommodate your hosting needs.

Tech Support

As with all plans, without a great tech support team, your host is only good for as long as it stays working optimally. And even then, tech support teams should work actively to keep problems at bay before they begin. Make sure your support team can be reached at all hours of the day, all days of the year, and offer a wide variety of outreach options. Knowledge Bases help, too.

Managed vs. Self-Managed

Whether or not you prioritize a managed host over a self-managed host (or partly-managed host) depends on your technical background. If you have absolutely no clue how to operate a server and keep it working optimally, find a host that will not just manage your server, but manage it beyond the capacity of their competitors. Or, if you want an “a la carte” service plan—where you can ask your support team for help in more specific areas—you want a flexible management plan with options for opt-in help. You know your needs best; don’t settle for any less than those requirements.


Your host should supply both software security and hardware security. If your host doesn’t expand on the kinds of firewall protection, malware scanning software, and data center security they use, contact them and ask. Ideally, your plan will display its security specs up-front.

These are the same kinds of features you would prioritize in other hosting software, but a VPS particularly stands to lose more content with a faulty plan. As your servers grow larger and you have more content or traffic to manage, make sure you’re considering your options well and choosing the right host for your needs.