Top 5 Features To Look For In A Online Web Store

Top 5 Features To Look For In A Online Web Store

Looking for the best online web stores can inspire you to make your own—but with so many stores on the net, how do you know which stores prioritize the right features? So many features are so seamlessly interwoven into the web store, they may not automatically stand out. To start, look for these top five features when examining a web store:

Plain prices

Here’s a great rule of thumb for trusting web stores: trust the store that does not hide their prices. This can be more complex than it sounds. Many stores list discount prices, for example, but not when discounts end. Some stores don’t disclose shipping fees immediately. Some stores, if the prices are so large that they may dissuade you from a product, place their price upon request. Whatever the reason, if a store doesn’t make their prices explicit, you may see greater problems with hidden information and fine print further down the line.


Most stores have a review function, but many store owners may be tempted to police reviews, should one negative review crop up among the others. Keeping reviews of all ratings demonstrates that you allow every customer their voice. Adding honest—not curated—testimonials to your page will also boost your tone of honesty.

Visual cleanliness

Many companies vary their template options, leaving stores to settle for dated designs. If the store hasn’t updated their template with the times, it may be time to look elsewhere for your product. This can be somewhat deceptive—a modern looking, hi-tech or otherwise ergonomic webpage doesn’t always guarantee a great product. But, studies show that customers judge your store by its front. Take note of the latest template and graphic design trends and make sure your store stays on top.

Search bar

Most online web stores have search bars, but not all search bars were created equal. Some are limited to specific categories, rather than the whole store, or require ultra-specific wording when you search. Look for stores with search engines that allow keyword optimization, range customization and others.

Shopping cart

Naturally, every store has a shopping cart. But, you’ll know when the cart doesn’t work as well as it should. Say, for instance, you don’t find out your shipping fee until right at the end of the purchase process. Or, you may need to edit an item in your cart, only to discover you have to go back and enter all your information over again. Carts that recover items, save information, and display as close to the final sales price as possible right in the beginning, save a lot of hassle and headache.

At the end of the day, the features that matter are the features that go a long way toward making a store easy to use and quick to navigate. Look for stores that don’t pose interruptions to the buying process, of any form and due to any cause. A store with the best of these five features will stand out above the rest.