Top 3 Email Marketing Features

Top 3 Email Marketing Features

Email marketing has long been considered one of the more effective ways of keeping customers informed. The majority of businesses use email marketing as a part of their overall digital marketing strategy. If you are on the fence about whether you should start an email marketing campaign then discover the top 3 email marketing features.

Understanding Email Marketing

Before examining the top 3 features provided by email marketing, gain a better understanding of how email marketing works. It all starts with a subscriber list that you generate through the use of subscriber forms. Visitors your website or customers have the option to opt-in to your email list and receive emails from you.

Once your list is populated with email addresses, you can start using your subscriber list to send out newsletters or set up autoresponders. Typically, businesses rely on the use of an email marketing service for managing their contact list and subscribers, as well as for managing the scheduled release of emails.

Managing Subscriber Lists

The primary feature of email marketing is the managing of subscriber lists. The practice of purchasing contact lists is considered bad marketing and a form of spam. Instead, you should use your email marketing campaign to generate your own list of subscribers by including subscriber forms on your website or asking customers to signup after making a purchase.

With email marketing, one of your main goals is to start building an extensive list of customers and potential sales leads. your subscriber and contact list is the core feature of your email marketing strategy. When shopping for an email marketing service, find out the number of subscribers you are allowed to manage.

Setting Up Auto Responders

Auto responders can help you retain your customers. Many businesses rely on repeat customers to maintain their sales numbers. With an autoresponder, you can setup automatic email messages that are sent out to your customers after specific actions are taken.

For example, you can setup an autoresponder for whenever a sale is made, when a customer fills out a contact form, or when they use a certain feature of your website. Auto responders increase your customer retention and can even increase conversion rates. If you are trying to find an email marketing service, always look at whether or not they allow you to setup auto responders.

Scheduling Newsletters

Newsletters allow you to keep your customers up to date about any new sales or products. As part of your email marketing campaign, you can schedule the release of a newsletter. Most businesses that use email marketing send out regular newsletters.

Create the newsletter ahead of time and include news about upcoming sales, product launches, or other details that you want to pass along to your customers. You can choose a time to automatically send out your newsletter. If you prefer, you can even schedule your newsletter based on the various time zones of your subscribers. A quality email marketing service should provide a number of different options for setting up your newsletters.

Start Using Email Marketing for Your Business

That covers the best features of email marketing. As long as you correctly manage your email marketing efforts, it can be a great way to inform your customers about your latest products, services, and sales. If you have not already done so, get started on your email marketing campaign today.