Top 3 Best Features In A Web Host

Top 3 Best Features In A Web Host

Features are going to be the meat of what you regard when you find a proper web host. Some web hosts consolidate their features, make them plug ins, display them all in confusing lengthy lists, or seem to take some features as “givens” and never mention them at all. You’ll be spending quite a bit of time sifting through features—it’s best to know which top three to regard first. Narrowing down whether or not you need, or want, these three features will expedite your web host searching process and will make your job easier.

Below, the top three best features in a web host:

Tech support

How’s their tech support? How many options can you use to contact their staff? Do they offer forums and articles? Tech support teams can vary in size, responsibility and responsiveness. There are features that some tech support teams offer and that others do not, but there are also rudimentary features that any reputable support system should offer.

For starters, absolutely do not settle for a tech support team that does not offer 24/7 assistance. This is too common a feature—no matter how the host offers the feature—to ignore. Then, look at how many means of contact they supply. Do they have ticket service for customers? Do some plans prioritize ticket service? Do they have forms online as well as e-mail? Do they have a phone number—or more than one phone number? Last, see if they publish a blog, host a forum, or post articles; any number of these extras can make your troubleshooting tasks easier and get you back on track faster.

Control panel

Your website may look polished, you may have a solid team to assist your endeavors, but if you can hardly make any changes, or if the administrative panel is so ill laid-out that it takes you forever to complete tasks, were those features worth the host? You don’t just want a pretty website, or a secure website—you want a website that’s easy to edit, refurbish, build upon or take away from. Your site needs to change, sometimes at a moment’s notice, to satisfy things like traffic, demand, coding malfunctions, etc. Pick a panel with a clean layout, simple tabs or buttons, that can get you to your menu quickly and without a giant breadcrumb trail.


Every web host has different tastes and sometimes you might have to choose a host based on the price of their plan. But, if you can, make sure to choose a plan that—besides having a pretty template choice—has templates that best represent your purposes. If you host a blog, you want a blog-friendly template; if you have an e-commerce store, you want e-commerce tools. Look for drag-and-drop templates, easily customized templates and, if you have the knowledge, HTML and/or CSS-friendly templates.

Server statistics, like memory, bandwidth, admin numbers and others, mean a lot for your site. But, consider first the features that a) make it appear and b) keep it running. Keep the core features strong, to make the other features worth the time and money.