The Benefits of Using A Paid Website Builder

The Benefits of Using A Paid Website Builder

Many website builders come so packed with features and beautiful templates; it could be hard to see why you should use a paid website builder at all. Certainly, no one is making you choose the paid subscription plans. But—aside from the features of a paid subscription website, like additional power, memory, server space, etc.—paid website builder packages can tweak your website even further with some adjustments you probably never considered. To follow, here are some benefits of using a paid website builder:


Free website builders may not give you much URL flexibility. A reference to your website building platform would surely be included in the URL itself. Rather than your company name alone, your link would read, “company”-dot-“host”-dot-com. Some people don’t mind, but others find it unappealing. Plus, paid packages can offer multiple website pages and domains. Free subscriptions might place a cap on the number of extra pages you receive, but paid services of different sizes will up the ante in terms of site expansion.

Ads and Branding

You might be thinking, but I want ad revenue—aren’t ads a good thing? Free subscriptions typically come with one specific kind of ad: an ad for the host you use. These are non-negotiable. Every time someone visits your page, they will find a banner ad—or sometimes just a branding banner—somewhere on the page. These can be as obtrusive as a horizontal banner, or a sticker somewhere on the corner of the page. If nothing else, these features are dead giveaways that you’re not a master coder and used a web builder. Consider a paid option if you don’t want to disclose your host to customers.

Additional features

“Free” implies that there will be features you don’t receive in your package. Free versus paid features depends on your host. Some will be more generous with your free features over others, but there will always be features you don’t receive until you pay the price. Some of these include multiple pages, other tools like app flexibility, SEO, e-commerce, WordPress, a site search bar, premium templates and more.


If you pay a high enough subscription rate, some services even offer an HTML expert that can really make your site shine. Whether or not you choose a template, these team members are on hand to make sure you love your subscription and don’t want to drop the package for something else. An on-call IT staff member, compared to the cost of hiring an entire company, can yield very lucrative savings in the long run, for some businesses.

Ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with free builders, but some companies may require the extra push a paid website builder can offer. Determine whether you need a paid website builder based on factors like company size, traffic extensiveness and how much revenue your website potentially creates. These specifications will let you know whether or not a paid service, from the right host, is worth the subscription price.