Strikingly Review

Strikingly Review



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Strikingly is one of the many website builders vying for attention, in a world full of quality web design platforms, and they may be what you need. While WordPress and other platforms have been used millions of times, Strikingly has a number of features and affordable pricing to help lure you over to their services.

You do not need to have any experience with web design to create your own website. By using a quality website builder, you can setup a website that perfectly captures the look and feel of your business. Finding the right website builder will help ensure you get all the features you require and can build a website that will represent your business. Discover how easy Strikingly is to work with and which features are available.

What We Like

introductionStrikingly does not try too hard to impress. Instead, they want to ensure you are provided with just enough features to get by and build a beautiful, simple website. A few of the things that we liked about Strikingly included the following:


  • Easy to use software
  • Flexibility
  • Great selection of affordable plans
  • Premium features

Strikingly is focused on offering a simple website builder platform, but it does take a little getting used to. After spending a short period of time familiarizing yourself with the controls and dashboard, you will find it incredibly easy to make changes to your site and navigate the control panel.

It is also a flexible website builder. You can easily upload your own images, add your custom domain, and edit your web page however you see fit. Regardless of the template that you choose, you can make changes to the overall design of the site.

There are several affordable plans to choose from and even a free option. All of the paid plans are inexpensive. If you want more from Strikingly, there are a few premium features that you could choose to include, such as Google Analytics integration and A/B split testing.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionStrikingly is strikingly simple. While this can be a great way to easily build a website, the limitations can also be a disadvantage. Pay attention to the following, before you make your decision:


  • Limited number of designs
  • Works best for one-page websites
  • Lacks search engine optimization

The designs that Strikingly allow you to choose from a great looking, mobile-friendly websites, but there are not too many to pick from. Right now, there are only a couple dozen designs to consider; though, you can make small changes and with some work – make an original looking web page to represent your business.

For the most part, Strikingly works best for a one-page website. Using this website builder, you can quickly make a stunning website, but it lacks certain benefits that would help with search engine optimization. The biggest SEO disadvantage is the fact that one web page does not do a lot towards increasing your web presence. You only have one web page to link back to.


featuresStrikingly provides the following features:

  • Contact forms
  • Email sign up
  • Custom domains
  • One-touch web design

You can edit your one web page, however you want, and there are quite a few options for adding contact forms or email signup forms. You can also use your own custom domain, either purchased separately or through Strikingly. If you want to use your own domain, you will need to choose one of the paid plans.

Another nice feature, for those that have zero experience setting up a website, or just want to create a quick online business card, is the one-touch web design. With just a touch of a button, Strikingly can pull information from your business Facebook page and create your web page for you. Once it performs this action, you can still edit the web page however you want.


pricingThere are 3 different plans available for Strikingly. Choose from a free plan, which provides a subdomain on, unlimited websites, and 5GB of monthly bandwidth. The next plan is the limited plan, which is $8 per month, allows you to add your own custom domain, 2 limited websites, and 50GB of bandwidth each month. If you choose to pay for the year upfront, you will get free email and a free domain.

The Pro plan is twice the price of the limited, at $16 per month, and includes a large number of additional features, including 3 pro websites, the ability to embed HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and access to the Strikingly app store.

Control Panel

controlpanelStrikingly is one of the easiest website builder platforms that you could choose. The control panel is incredibly user friendly and the one-click builder allows you to build a site solely from information pulled from your Facebook page.


Customer Support

supportThere is no phone support, with Strikingly. If you have any problems, you will need to send their technical support team an email. Luckily, they respond quickly to these emails and the chances of running into a technical issue is rare. There is also a knowledge base that will help you deal with most problems.



reliability1Reliability is never an issue with Strikingly. You will never have to worry about your website going down or a certain feature not operating properly.


Final Conclusion

strikinglyrecommendedIf you do not mind having a one-page website, then Strikingly is probably one of your best options. They are affordable, and even have a free plan, with 3 paid plans to choose from. The design options are limited, but you can still make enough small changes to your template to make your web page unique. The chances of running into technical problems is unlikely and all of the templates are feature a responsive, mobile-ready design.

To build a single page website for your business, or quickly set up an online business card, pick a Strikingly plan today and begin building your website.


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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)