Top Benefits to Using an SSL Certificate

Top Benefits to Using an SSL Certificate

SSL is the standard protocol used for the secure encryption of information passed between computers and websites. The best SSL protection ensures that a user’s information is handled securely. This is especially useful for websites that include online purchases or websites that require personal information.

SSL encrypts information before it is sent from a computer to a website. Once the website receives the information, it is decrypted. The same process is repeated when the website sends information back to the computer. If you are new to the use of SSL, discover the top 3 benefits of using an SSL certificate.

#1 – Improve Customer Security

The primary reason for using the best SSL protection on your website is to improve customer security. It also helps build customer confidence. Since SSL has become the standard for transferring secure information, especially on ecommerce websites, many internet users will not make a purchase from a website that does not use the best SSL.

When you have products or services available for sale through your website, you should always use SSL. If credit card information or personal details of your customers need to be transmitted from their browser to your website, SSL will encrypt their data before sending to your website.

#2 – Encrypts Private Communications

Using the best SSL certificates, private communications can be encrypted. There are many different uses for this, from transferring secure data to creating a private communications channel. This can be beneficial for inter-office communications and secure connections with clients.

#3 – Server Authentication

With server authentication using SSL certificates, both you and your customer are protected. The server hosting your website will use SSL. When a customer visits your website, their web browser checks the digital certificate to ensure your website and the server hosting it are authentic. In addition to securing transactions between you and a customer, SSL can also be used to secure transactions between you and another business.

SSL has been in use for 20 years. During this time, it has gone through a number of updates and revisions. This ensures that the latest internet protocols are used to secure information. As hackers develop new ways to target websites and internet users, SSL needs to be updated to offer optimum website security.

Do You Need an SSL Certificate?

If you have your own website, you may want to consider using an SSL certificate. It offers protection for your customers and can increase their confidence in your services. Without protection, the information sent could be intercepted by malicious hackers. Stolen credit card information and personal details could be used to steal a person’s identity or charge their credit cards.

To get the best SSL protection for your website, start by checking with your web hosting company. They will likely have a number of options for purchasing SSL certificates. The best SSL certificates will help protect your customers or visitors from having their personal information stolen. If you do not already use SSL on your website, consider purchasing a certificate today.