Sitelock Review

Sitelock Review



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SiteLock is an online company which provides website Security services for Businesses both large and small. With online threats becoming more imminent and many websites falling prey to online attacks, SiteLock has been developed to provide Security services and solutions for such cases. SiteLock was founded in 2008 and ever since its inception it has been providing security services to over 12 million websites all around the world. SiteLock believes in delivering fast, automated, comprehensive and affordable services to all its customers.

As such it delivers 360-degree website security services and solution to detect, repair and prevent any website attacks and threats from happening. The Range of Security Services it provides is SiteLock Website Scanning, SiteLock TrueSpeed CDN and SiteLock TrueShield WAF. SiteLock was also awarded the Cyber Security Excellence Awards in 2018 for providing the best website security services, and it even got a BBB Rating of A-. As such with these accolades SiteLock has established itself as the leader in Business Website Security. SiteLock’s Headquarters is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. SiteLock’s data centres are also strategically located all over the world which includes North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East to help customers who come from any part of the world.

What We Like


With SiteLock being one of the most popular website security companies and also being the world leader in Business Website Security there are a lot of things which we liked after using their services. The best thing about SiteLock is its patent-pending 360-degree website security solution. With its 360 degree website security SiteLock offers a complete range of security services which include daily advanced malware scans which scan millions of websites to detect and track any threats and vulnerabilities and pulls down your site if any risk is found , automatic removal of malware which with the help of powerful automated software removes any malware if found on your website, protection from DDoS attacks, and online reputation management which ensures that your site has an excellent reputation among the eyes of your customers and visitors.

Apart from these, there are a ton of advanced benefits that we liked, and these are the verification of domain ownership, validating SSL certificates and Payment Card Industry Compliance. All these multitudes of benefits make SiteLock a competent security protection tool and make it stand out from the rest of other website security solution providers.

What We Don’t Like


SiteLock with its multitude of things which we liked is also filled with some things which we don’t like. The first is the way in which the fee is charged. The Plans that are offered only have yearly payment options and no monthly options, and this is quite frustrating for many. SiteLock also does not provide any form of independence to its customers as such you cannot do much on your own. While these are some of the things which we disliked, we found out that most of SiteLock’s customers also shared the same feelings.



When we come to the features of SiteLock, it offers four types of website security solutions, and they are Fix, Accelerate, Prevent and 911 respectively. Each Plan has its own set of feature which varies accordingly to some extent. However, some features are standard across all plans and these are Daily Malware Scans, Automatic removal of malware,

Daily scans for vulnerability, SiteLock Trust and a multilingual dashboard.  Let us take a detailed look at the features each plan provides beginning with the Fix Plan, which features Automatic Malware Detection and Removal, Daily Scans for any vulnerability, Regular Malware Scans, File Change and Reputation Monitoring, Blacklist and Spam Monitoring.

The Accelerate Plan offers more advanced features which include TrueSpeed CDN and TrueShield WAF. TrueSpeed CDN is equipped with a website accelerating tool, enables static caching of content and Minification of Content while TrueShield WAF is capable of blocking Bad Bots and includes SSL Support.

The Prevent Plan is also equipped with the features of Accelerate, however, adds some more features which are Dynamic Content Caching in TrueSpeed CDN and Malware and OWASP threats blocking in TrueShield WAF. The fourth plan on the list is called 911, and this plan is for customers whose websites are already compromised.

The 911 plan performs a One Time Clean, Restores sites that have been compromised, Cleans Website files with Manual Intervention. All these plans are equipped with excellent security features, services and solutions which make it a great security solution for any business regardless of its size.



The pricing of SiteLock differs for each plan that is offered. One thing to keep in mind is that the plans are offered in two options: monthly and yearly and therefore payment has to be done accordingly. The Fix Plan costs $109.99 per year, The Accelerate Plan costs $299.9 per year, The Prevent Plan costs $499.99 per year, and the 911 plan, on the other hand, is a onetime use and will cost $219.99.


Customer Support


SiteLock offers 24×7 customer support, and customers can get in touch with them through Chat, Call and Email. The customer support is U.S based which ensures high-quality customer support. Many customer reviews suggest that even after an issue is taken care of by the customer support, subsequent attacks continue to take place. The Overall Customer Support provided by SiteLock is good and most customers appear to get their issues resolved, but it may take more than once in contacting them to fix the problem.


Final Conclusion


SiteLock is equipped with a lot of high-end security features and solutions which makes it a very capable website security tool. But, it also has its fair share of shortcomings which keep it from becoming the perfect security tool. There is no perfect security tool on the market however. Despite its shortcomings and issues with customer support, SiteLock offers excellent website security, and even in case your website has been compromised, SiteLock is capable of bringing your site back to its former glory in no time. All these combine to make SiteLock a good buy for people in search of a capable website security service.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)