SiteGround Review

SiteGround Review



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Need something more powerful? Checkout Siteground Cloud hosting, or Siteground WordPress hosting.

The SiteGround web hosting service features well thought-out, inexpensive plans for all website hosting needs. They equip an unbelievable amount of features for each package considering the price point—they offer lots of “free” and “unlimited” features. Each package at the least guarantees a free domain name, setup, a great money-back plan and lots of other perks. The website is well laid out and states their details up-front; the company doesn’t hide information and holds nothing back. The website is a great proof of product, in terms of the quality they offer and the deals you get with their package varieties.

Last, but not least, the product setup is as no-hassle as the webpage, with a one-click setup system and immediate activation.

What We Like

introductionThe site doesn’t push the biggest plan onto each client. They go through each plan and specify which plan works for which host. If your brand doesn’t earn a lot of webpage traffic, they won’t give you the biggest package deal. You would get the “StartUp,” a lower subscription plan that can host as much content as a small company would need, without the hassle of extraneous features, or a large price point.

Because they break up their plans by host size and content amount, each plan still gets as many great features as each client could want. Even if you went with the StartUp, for example, you would still get 99.99% uptime, their full spectrum of technical support, unlimited traffic and e-mails, free setup, and others.

What We Don’t Like


They don’t offer the WordPress plugin for their first package, the StartUp package, which is a small hindrance, but a plugin may help even small companies. With those constraints, clients could just upgrade their plan for an average $4-6 more a month to get the plugin.


featuresClients will see a few different feature packages, depending on the product. All web hosting bundles come with the “Essential Features.” These include: free domain name, guaranteed 99.99% uptime, cPanel and SSH access, free setup, free transfer, tech support, daily backup, unlimited traffic and e-mails, free cloudfare CDN and a money back guarantee good for thirty days. That way, small companies can still reap all the benefits of a package without paying for more unique visits per month than they earn.

The larger packages get additional benefits that larger companies may require. The next plan up, the “GrowBig” plan, offers priority tech support, premium speed and security, unlimited add-on domains, a free SSL e-commerce certificate, premium Joomla and premium WordPress. Then, in addition to these, the final “GoGeek” plan offers greater site speed and power, PCI e-commerce compliance, one-click staging for Joomla and WordPress and pre-installed Git.


pricingThe prices are their shining stars. The StartUp plan, perfect for startup companies as the name might suggest, is only $3.95 per month.  StartUp costs just $9.95 per month. GrowBig on sale costs $7.95 per month and off-sale costs $14.95 per month. GoGeek, the largest and most premium plan, only costs $14.95 per month on sale and $29.95 per month off sale.

Control Panel

controlpanelThe SiteGround control panel, or cPanel, offers both normal access and secure access (the preferred login option). The panel is well formatted and clear, with explicit topic tabs and information menus. All information can be edited easily with one click, provided you log in with your username and password.

The panel displays your site information, like your Account IP, server location, FTP details, email details and backup plan type. Other admin tabs include the customer support service, billing, referral deals, plan services and other resources. The panel is a sleek, simplified hub for your managing needs. SiteGround designs some of the best layouts in the market.

Customer Support

supportSiteGround hosts a variety of contact options for both users and potential clients. For their clients, they offer a twenty-four hour contact support system for technical issues and other questions. Current customers can also “take a ticket” for assistance. “Ticket” times average a ten minute wait. The “ticket,” once you log in, “is posted to an online form. An admin will then answer your query. This comes with all three of their web-hosting plans as part of their Essential Features. For potential clients, they show their number and offer a website live chat option. They clearly want to be reached for questions or comments at any time, for any reason. Their accessibility is one of their strong suits.


reliability1SiteGround is an entirely reliable hosting platform. They take several precautions to ensure tight security and optimal uptime. Their host centers have both geographical and well-secured proximity to great connectivity zones. The servers are guarded twenty-four hours a day with multiple surveillance and access features. Their downtime prevention technology also guarantees at least a higher uptime than their competitors, with auto real-time detection and auto instant reaction time.

Final Conclusion

sitegroundrecommendedSiteGround cares about the customer’s needs over lining their own pockets—it shows in their business plan. They format their packages to benefit each client first, rather than rush clients to buy the most expensive plan. Each client, no matter their subscription, earns the best features, the same security and the same technical support as everyone else. Overall, SiteGround makes an excellent cost-effective hosting platform that’s perfect for all brands with product lines.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)