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Site5 Review




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Site5 is a web-hosting platform with packed plan options and a wide variety of customizations and features built right in to each package. They offer unique yearly and bi-yearly reduced subscription prices, along with a competitive 45-day money back guarantee, that both demonstrate their commitment to the customer and the confidence that their product works best for you.

What We Like

introductionSite5’s subscription plans and timelines are geared toward optimum value. They allow monthly, yearly and bi-yearly plans, but the values only get better the longer you use their service. They clearly expect that their product works well enough to satisfy companies for the long haul. The subscription packages also don’t vary very much between deals. You can opt in for the big benefits at very little cost to you, compared to the smaller packages.

They also host a huge range of servers. That’s not very common compared to their competitors. They encourage you to pick the server closest to your customer base, to make sure that the uptime stays high and matches their 99.99% uptime guarantee, no matter your package.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionThe SiteAdmin page, discussed below, is well-equipped with all the tools you need and all the pages you could want to optimize your site and hosting experience. But, because there are so many tools on one page, they do cover a lot of space. On the left side of the page, above the toolbar, you’ll find a Search bar that will help you find most apps and tools. Additionally, you can “collapse all” and start an organic search for the tool you need menu by menu, to avoid being overwhelmed.

You may also have a wide-reaching audience base, or otherwise not know which server to choose from. There are quite a few choices. You’ll have to call the representative, or e-mail them when you start, and let the team advise you on which server will work best for your locations.


featuresThe three packages, hostBasic, hostPro and hostPro + Turbo, all come with a laundry list of features and add-ons. hostBasic might as well not be called “basic,” considering it comes with all the features an average-sized business. The hostBasic gets unlimited disk and bandwidth, the SiteAdmin control panel, backstage account manager, all the guarantees, tech support service, free website migration, malware protection, domains, sub-domains, e-commerce features, and way too many more to list. hostPro, in addition to all these, allows for unlimited website add-ons. hostPro + Turbo cuts a slightly better deal than hostPro, with website add-ons, multiple Admin capabilities, a dedicated IP and more. All packages get a majority of the features, so that all businesses of all sizes can really benefit from the hosting service.


pricingAll but the hostBasic allows for monthly subscription deals, if you want. All three offer one and two-year subscriptions as well.  hostPro costs just $10.95 per month for each month, or $9.95 per month in the one-year plan and $8.95 per month in the two-year plan. hostPro + Turbo costs $13.95 per month each month, or $12.95 per month for one year and $11.95 per month for two years. hostBasic costs only $5.95 per month for one year and $4.95 per month for two years. That adds up to just cents a day for every plan, no matter the subscription package. Prices like these completely oust their competitors in the same ranges.

Control Panel

controlpanelThe Site5 Admin demo page has a clean layout with easily-accessible tool tabs to the side. Like a computer control panel, you can find all the admin domains and statistics right on the main tab as you log in. For any other tools, you can open the drop-down menus on the left side of the screen. Some of these tools include e-mail, web apps, website tools, website builder, domains, databases, backups and security. Then, across the top of the page, you’ll find larger tabs with greater pages that include “add-ons,” “promote us,” “domains,” and the tech support tab.

Security-wise, the page lets you know how you’re logged in and to which account, in case you come across any problems. The dashboard also has a help/tour mechanism that pops up with tips and location advice.

If you don’t feel like opening each drop-down window one by one, you can expand or collapse all windows at once with buttons on the center of the page.

Customer Support

supportThe customer support team will help you with any technical, admin or troubleshooting problem you might have. These problems will be few and far between, but they’re on hand all days out of the year, for twenty-four hours a day. The team helps you and your company by providing you with as much information as they possibly can before you begin using Site5. They have a searchable database, with articles and an FAQ, where you can find quick answers to the most common issues before they become big problems. If they experience any outages or other server issues, they’ll let you know in advance by e-mail communication.

They use this communication to deliver news, reports, and any updates to the tools you use with Site5. You’re able to contact the support team with phone calls, a ticket service, or by live-chat direct from the website. You have to be logged in to use the ticket service, but potential clients can reach Site5 by any other method.


reliability1They have many servers to choose from, high security databases and a thoroughly trained tech support team. All these features combined really amp up their reliability. They guarantee a 99.99% uptime, provided you chose the correct server, for each package. Even hostBasic comes with the same protections available to the hostPro + Turbo users. The reviews are also endlessly optimistic and demonstrate a high track record of reliability.

Final Conclusion

site5recommendedSite5 is a program optimized to help you and your brand for years to come. They have the tools necessary to provide your every need for the long haul. You’ll want to put your trust in a brand whose only complaint is that they offer too many accommodations for their customers.




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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)