Singlehop Review

Singlehop Review



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SingleHop knows how to make cloud server customization and deployment simple. They educate the client on all the specs possible for their future server and break down the process in an easy-to-digest fashion. Besides their presence, they offer plenty of core options and a very unique, entirely customizable server system, based completely on upgrades the client chooses. The client does not pay for more than they use.

What We Like

introductionMany of the SingleHop servers offer five-minute deployment for their portals. Once they help the client build their portal, choose their OS, memory, bandwidth, etc., they can deploy the servers in as little time as five minutes; or, with their larger servers, in as little as an hour in some cases.

The customizable server system is fairly unprecedented, too. Other companies will offer some scalability and customization, but most have at least one simple package that the client must buy and develop. SingleHop makes some of their servers, minus the ones with cores, entirely developed from the ground up.

They make their tech support team a viable presence through every step of the client’s building process, and after, with hosted servers and top-notch security resources. No company is entirely hands-off, but SingleHop makes sure the client knows that they are very hands-on.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionThe “completely buildable” feature is a great concept, but for the first-time server customer, it can seem daunting. You have to really trust the support team and take your time learning the specs. It also may take more time in the short-term, to save time in the long-term.

And, because the features are buildable, the client can’t learn the prices until toward the end of their process, or after calling a representative. The Dedicated Server is the only server with any sort of monthly billing estimate up-front.


featuresSingleHop features a Dedicated Server, Virtual Server, Dedicated Private Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud. The hosting platform manages all servers, backups and hybrid clouds. They offer PCI Compliance and HIPPA Compliance.

You can customize each server, but there are price points for different cores and specs. The Dedicated Server offers three cores: the Single CPU, Quad-Core, Quad and Hexa Core and Dual CPU Quad and Hexa Core. All three come with their own cores of up to 3.5GHz, storage maxing at 500 GB, RAM maxing at 16 GB and bandwidth maxing at 10 TB. The bandwidth size especially competes with many like competitors—some only supply up to 8 TB bandwidth.

The virtual servers offer resizing and scaling capabilities, allowing you to scale them up, or down, at any time. SingleHop also offers increased uptime and “resilience” against downtime. The servers are buildable, billed hourly, and deployable in five minutes.

As with the other two hosts, the Dedicated Private Cloud (DPC) can be built using hardware you select. The cloud has upgrade or downgrade capability, network configuration, and the client has choice of OS. SingleHop makes sure the servers are secured with Intel and meet compliance codes. Plus, SingleHop will host the server and help deploy the server faster, using their own IT.

Finally, the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) can be scalable, as with all other virtual machines, but the client can privatize their “cloud environment.” The client can absolutely control the storage, memory and usage capabilities in the cloud, plus disperse those energies to other virtual machines. As with the other hosting platforms, you only pay for what you need—meaning that you can add on, or take away, different features. As with all platforms, additionally, SingleHop offers competitive security measures.


pricingSinglehop clients won’t learn the price of all but the dedicated servers, because they build those clouds customarily. They only pay for what they need. The dedicated servers, however, have their own cores that cost a certain sum a month plus free setup. The Single CPU, Quad-Core starts at  $159/month; the Single CPU, Quad and Hexa Core starts at $259/month; the Dual CPU, Quad and Hexa Core starts at $339/month.

Because the client can choose their own core, the cores vary in price themselves. All cores for the Single CPU, Quad-Core series are Intel cores and range from $159-259/month. The Single CPU, Quad and Hexa Core series ranges from   $269-289/month. The Dual CPU, Quad and Hexa Core series ranges from $339-409/month.

Control Panel

controlpanelSingleHop uses the LEAP3 control panel service for their cloud hosting. The service is rated Most Innovative Cloud Enablement Tool and allows the client to maximize their customized cloud use, scaling endeavors, etc. The control panel is as sleek and user-friendly as the company site; it’s also a mobile friendly panel, unlike many competitors, and lets you use the panel from any device. The mobile device panels use bar graphs to show clear, real-time stats, and use drop-down menus to save space. Laptop and Desktop interfaces use some menus, but their shortcut bar on the top of the screen uses clear icons.

Customer Support

supportThe support team seems like they’re around every corner. They have a consistent chat presence and remind their clients that they can use live chat at any time. Their service is twenty four-hour, all days out of the year. Clients can chat with the experts, but they can also call one of their many national and international phone numbers. Clients can get support from multiple offices: tech support, sales support, legal support and accounts and billing support. If all else fails, they have a website form you can fill out for direct contact.


reliability1The SingleHop servers are widely secured, managed by the company, but also designed by the client. They promote the message that the company and the client both with brainstorm and customize the perfect platform for their needs; not going beyond their means, for example, both enhances reliability and reduces price. They keep their uptime rates high for this reason and support over 5,000 businesses to date. Clientele include Symantec, Triple-A, BP and Harvard Medical School.

Final Conclusion

singlehoprecommendedSingleHop makes waves in customer support and outreach; they want the customer to be all-in on their product and develop only the best cloud hosts and servers for their needs. SingleHop excels in their company vision and customer care, and is a user-friendly option for any company of any size and any amount of technical experience.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)