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PowWeb Review



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PowWeb is a web-hosting platform that offers something its other competitors usually can’t: a single one-stop shop bundle that comes with as many features as other programs’ top bundles. They offer a competitive control panel, complete with all the website scripts you can think of, tightened security options, and a no-fuss customer support system, designed to help clients host their websites quickly and easily and with very little headache.

What We Like

introductionPowWeb is up front about the total payment you’ll be making per subscription bundle—and about how much money you’ll be saving on their frequent discount deals. They display their per-month average, their total bill and your savings, all in near columns explicitly on the front page. Trust the company that can be honest with their services.

Their one-package setup is new and unique; we like that they don’t try and “trick” users into paying for a lower subscription that then requires a bunch of upgrades to work properly. They give all clients the same product out of the gate, because they prioritize client satisfaction.

They also have an extremely thorough and well-written knowledge base, with solutions for most questions you could dream up. Running it through its paces, it’s easy to see that it’s immersive, thorough and direct.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionEven though there doesn’t seem to be a reason to include this feature, they might have added a monthly-subscription option, just in case. Hopefully, most clients that choose their services trust those for the long haul, but it’s a noticeably missing statistic all the same.

They also have a well-executed video tutorial for their control panel, but they lack a demo page in the process. While a video is nice—and theirs particularly walks you through the control panel quickly and easily—some might find a demo page easier to experience.


featuresMost competitors will offer different plans at different prices; these plans force you to make bundle upgrades, or change plans entirely to get to the features you need. Not so with PowWeb. They’re aware of what the customer needs to the extent that they have one single hassle-free bundle for all.

This bundle has unlimited bandwidth and disk space, plus load balance technology. It comes with all kinds of website access and control features, including (not limited to) a control panel, DNS management, sub-domains, FTP access, and a Unix platform. Then, you get your script instant installer features, like WordPress, Joombla, phpBB and osCommerce, among others. The platform can support outside software and marketing tools, its own database, several web statistics and logs, e-mail service, customer service features and many e-commerce tools, including PayPal optimization.


pricingPowWeb is refreshingly honest about their pricing—they have to be, seeing as they only have the one bundle. A one-year subscription at the time of writing is 62% off and comes in at $4.18/month, or $50.16/year. Two years costs $3.88/month, or $93.12/two years and three years costs $3.88/month, or $139.68/three years. Then, they have a savings column. Under the discounted price, one-year subscribers save $81.72 annually; two-year subscribers save $146.64 annually; three-year subscribers save $183.96 annually.

Control Panel

controlpanelThe control panel is laid out from left to right, making it a bit more streamlined than other control panels. In this, the icons are bunched on the left-to-middle portion of the screen, where the more specific menus are blocked to the right.

The icons are divided into menus, blocked off by their subject. There’s a section specific to site scripts, giving you full access to every program and add-on you could want for your page. Here, you’ll find your e-commerce specs, blog apps, etc. E-mail follows, then Domain, and then other categories. These have their own settings buttons, several versions—or more specific versions—of the same application, and help menus.

Up top, there’s a toolbar called the “showcase,” which lets you know when you can get discounted, or free, add-ons for your bundle. Beneath the shortcuts toolbar, you can access the PowWeb marketplace without navigating from your page. You can even follow their social media accounts; they make sure you have access to their staff, wherever you may be.

Customer Support

supportPowWeb has quite a few technical support options, despite there being only one bundle package to service. They don’t shirk on their responsibilities. First, for subscribers or future clients, they offer a toll-free tech support number, with 24×7 e-mail tech support. They also host their own forum, a database that boasts over 20,000 members to date. They send out and post news bulletins and updates as needed, upload tutorials and publish documents that help clients troubleshoot frequent issues.

Users can go to the knowledge base, aside from their forums, for an extensive FAQ list in multiple categories. Or, if you have a problem and can think of a solution they don’t offer, you can submit your “suggestion” in their suggestion-submit field. They don’t shy from taking client and user suggestions if it means improving their product.


reliability1A stand out feature in terms of reliability has to be their wide breadth of security knowledge. They make a tight-as-a-drum product, the one bundle being their only web-hosting product, but they know enough about—and help other users learn about—different security capabilities. Their online security, SiteLock, acts as a virus scanner and fixer. It can flag and cleanse your site of malware should any find its way to your page. You can also transfer account ownership, manually lock and unlock all pages and domains, and customize your domain privacy settings as needed.

They also provide any security clearance you may need to get started, like PCI Compliance standards materials and validation SSLs.

Final Conclusion

powwebrecommendedPowWeb brings a fresh take to web-hosting subscriptions with their one-of-a-kind single bundle package. Reviewing the control panel and all their features, it’s clear to see that the site offers as many features, for every client, as they possibly can. They want the clients to feel secure and want to create lasting business relationships with their customers. PowWeb is a well-rounded choice for those that want a direct hosting option.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)