Omnis Review

Omnis Review



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Omnis officially known as Omnis Network is a networking company that provides affordable and high-quality web services. The web services it provides are Web hosting, Domain registration, Account management and a full line-up of other web services to both individuals as well as professionals. Omnis Networks came into form in the year 1999 and as such can be considered as one of the first networks to provide web hosting services. To its credit, Omnis has served over 400,000 web hosting accounts and domains making it one of the most popular web hosting companies. Omnis Network’s headquarters is located in Torrance, California, USA where it houses their administrative and technical staff. Their data centre is located in Tempe, Arizona USA. Omnis is known for providing affordable and reliable services, coupled with a high-speed network and excellent customer support.

What We Like


There is a lot of things which we like about Omnis, starting off with their excellent customer service and technical support. The tech representatives are quick to respond, are attentive and also have excellent knowledge of the subject providing a superb experience. Next thing we liked about Omnis was the network speed it provides; all sites load up in an instant with little to no slow-downs, this is because Omnis uses a Solid State Drive Array. What we liked most about Omnis was the customisability and flexibility it provides, the plans offered by Omnis as such can be customised to the specific needs of the customers. Hence there is a plan bundled with the best features for everyone.

What We Don’t Like


There are a very few dislikes when we talk about Omnis, and the first of the few is the absence of a Control Panel also known as cPanel. Omnis does not provide a cPanel; they instead provide their very own custom control panel called Account Manager. The custom panel can get the work done but misses out on some functionality which cPanel offers. Next on our dislike is the fact that, customers have to pay extra money to include add-on features which are not the case with other web hosting companies. Lastly, is the pricing of Omnis’ services, which is a bit on the steeper side, when compared with other companies which offer the same features at more affordable prices.



Omnis features two shared web hosting packages with different duration periods and different prices; however, they all provide the same services making it a good deal. Each of the web hosting plan features a free domain name, unmetered disk space, unmetered data transfer, shared SSL certification, unlimited email accounts and websites, 30 day money back guarantee, an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, unlimited forwarding accounts, unlimited SubDomains and domain aliases, Multiple File Transfer Protocol user accounts, over 40+ content management system, a free site builder, popular CMS installers and an unlimited SSD MySQL database. The network of Omnis is based on Tier1 optical fibre network connection providing super fast loading times. Omnis Network’s web hosting is based on the cloud providing an easy to use solution for both professionals as well as personal users whether they are using Microsoft or Linux. Omnis offers additional features which are available for an extra fee, and these features include a dedicated Internet Protocol address, private SSL certification and a premium site builder.



Omnis has two types of shared hosting plans, and they are called the Linux Cloud and the Windows Cloud.  The Linux Cloud costs $5.95 per month, and you can also buy the hosting plan on an annual basis, whereas, the Windows Cloud costs $7.95 per month and can be purchased on a yearly basis as well. Both of these Plans offer discounts when you avail their services for a longer duration.

Control Panel


When it comes to the control panel almost all web hosting company provides cPanel as the Control panel, however not in the case of Omnis. Though cPanel is regarded as the ultimate management tool for controlling a website, Omnis does not provide one. Instead, they provide their custom control panel which is known as an Account manager. The Account Manager offers a clean and user-friendly layout, and with it, you can easily manage your hosting account which includes billing, creating mail accounts, monitor files and database etc. Though the Account Manager is capable enough to meet your hosting needs, however, it still lacks many management tools which are readily available in cPanel. If you are someone who depends a lot on cPanel for your website needs, then Account Manager might not be the right fit for you.

Customer Support


When it comes to customer support Omnis the standard channels which include requests for a ticket, through a phone, e-mail, and live chat. The customer support can be availed anytime, and they are up and running 24×7.  One unique thing about Omnis’s customer support is that they are all based in the US, specifically their company’s headquarters in Torrance, California. The customer representatives are rated very high by the customers for a variety of reasons. They are very quick to respond, always attentive to the needs of the customers and also are equipped with the required set of knowledge to help solve the customer’s problems. Overall, the customer service provided by Omnis is top notch.



Concerning Reliability Omnis offers a very fast, effective and efficient customer support system which will help you to tackle any reliability issues and solve them within a short span of time. If there are questions or queries which arise, the 24×7 customer service is always up for it. In the security front, Omnis is equipped with some of the latest security tools which will help ensure that all your data is kept safe. When we talk about uptime, Omnis offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9% providing that your site is up and running at all times. Omnis has a single data centre at Tempe, Arizona, USA. The data centre is located in a secure facility and is managed by experienced engineers.

Final Conclusion


Overall Omnis is a competent web hosting company, and as such can cater to a wide range of audience be it professional or personal. The features it provides might not make it stand out from other hosting companies; however, it is the quality of service they provide that makes them shine. Their excellent customer service, the wide selection of plans and added flexibility make Omnis a pretty good web hosting service. Though, the prices might be marginally higher when compared to other companies, however the quality of service that they provide more than makes up for this small flaw.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)