Netfirms Review

Netfirms Review



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NetFirms is a hosting service with straightforward plans, navigable tools and scores of features for even their lowest deals. Their plans go beyond available protections; they offer free and unlimited features for even their basic subscription plan. And, these plans come in packages of one to three-year billing cycles, with full time tech support and reviews and ratings to match.

What We Like

introductionUsers immediately know that NetFirms is a reputable, trustworthy business, because they make their pricing up-front, immediate and sincere. Many competitors will hide the fact that a full year’s subscription fee is due up-front. NetFirms doesn’t work under such questionable restraints—they tell you all your fees immediately and let you make the call. They can probably afford to do this based on their low price points.

Their Help center also earns a gold star for its layout, efficiency and informative databases. The help center isn’t an add-on. They shine a spotlight on their staff and the fact that they can accommodate all users in whatever they may need to solve.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionThe control panel is full, well laid out and contains everything you need. The only issue is that it’s too full—the tabs open up to their own landing sub-pages and can make navigation slightly daunting in that regard. To combat the problem, NetFirms created a video tutorial that walks you through how to use the Control Panel. They don’t leave your experience up to guesswork.

Also, all their plans offer at least one free website domain, but the jump between plans skyrockets by the Business Plan. The Plus Plan offers one domain, the Advantage offers two, but the Business offers five plans. Fortunately, NetFirms makes it easy to switch between plans should your business grow enough that you need up to five web domains. Then, remember that this number is a cap—surely you can take up just three or four, as your needs require.


featuresNetFirms clearly displays their plans and all their features; they even direct potential clients to this chart, aware that they’re talking to, and planning for, real people. Their three plans are called the Plus Plan, the Advantage Plan and the Business Plan. At the time of writing, the Plus Plan has a low-price promotion running.

The Plus Plan, along with its best-selling promotion, comes with unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth, a drag and drop builder, ready to go websites, around the clock support, unlimited multi-website hosting and e-commerce settings.

The Advantage Plan comes with unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth, along with two free domains. They feature a drag and drop builder, personal and business to-go websites, a one-click application process, full-time customer support, multi-website unlimited hosting, e-commerce enabled features and scores more. NetFirms can offer with their second plan what some of their competitors only offer with their highest.

Both the Plus and the Advantage Plans come with full e-mail features, domain features, 5+ MySQL databases, Linux features, Forums, Mailing Lists, Photo Galleries and more.

The final Business Plan comes with all these, plus Dedicated SSL Certification, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited multiple FTP Accounts.


pricingThe price plans run very close together, considering their sizes, and come with billing services from one to three years at a time.

The Plus one-year billing runs at a discounted $4.95/month rate. The two-year plan costs $4.45/month and the three-year plan costs a record low $3.49/month. Most competitors won’t even offer subscription plans for so long for their lowest plan, given the low price.

The Advantage Plan’s one-year subscription costs $9.99/month full-price. The two-year plan costs $8.99/month and the three-year plan costs $7.99/month.

The Business Plan starts their one-year subscription at $14.99/month, their two-year at $12.99/month and their three-year at $10.99/month.

NetFirms also does the great work of listing their total prices per subscription plan just above the sign-up now button. One seldom finds a firm so honest about money and costs.

Control Panel

controlpanelUniquely, NetFirms offers multiple viewing presets for their control panel. This is located in the middle of the screen—you pick which preset you would like and can see the preview in a thumbnail before you continue. This allows the client to customize, even in the control panel plane. You access this capability, called “Appearance Settings,” in the toolbar to the direct left of the screen.

Each of the sub-links in the toolbar leads to their own immersive control panel page. This keeps the clutter to a minimum while displaying as many tools with their quick-access icons as they possibly can.

Customer Support

supportTheir customer support team is a strong enough to support, at last count, over 1.2 million websites to date. Their help center is easy to navigate, gets its own ergonomic landing page and makes all its options crystal clear for both current and potential customers. They bold their toll-free number on the right hand side of the screen and, in the center, display quick-access icons for their different support tools. They maintain a curated Knowledge Database, a detailed Terms of Service, a second Contact landing page and a user guide for at-home troubleshooting and assistance. You can search the Knowledge Base directly from the landing page without navigating elsewhere. Additionally, you can take tickets and wait for time with a representative, if you have login information.


reliability1NetFirms has a solid support team with a long and thorough history of success. Their tech support staff equips you with all the tools you need for your packages before you even start, let alone after the fact. If you have any troubles during use, you can go right to the team and they’ll help you in every way they can. They’re a certified staff that has the solutions to every problem you may face. NetFirms comes highly recommended by the top publications, recognized for its reliability. Even the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times included NetFirms in agency editorials.

Final Conclusion

netfirmsrecommendedNetFirms is a plainly customer-oriented web hosting service. They go aboveboard to make sure the clients not only like their product, but also understand how to use their product. This endeavor pays off in spades, based on their reviews. They leave customers happy and fulfilled with a plan that gives them everything their company,  no matter the size, could need to succeed.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)