NameCheap Hosting Review

NameCheap Hosting Review



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NameCheap is an all-in-one web Services Company founded with the aim of providing affordable and high-quality services to its users. It provides a very extensive array of services offering domain names, web hosting services and allowing you to purchase add-ons too. NameCheap was founded in the year 2000; however, it started offering web hosting services in 2007. The web hosting services provided by NameCheap has gained popularity ever since it launched, and now it boasts over one million customers and provides hosting services to more than three million domain names. The headquarters of NameCheap is situated in Los Angeles, California, USA. NameCheap has two data centres, one in the USA and the other in the United Kingdom. The U.S data centre is located in Phoenix, Arizona and the U.K data centre is located in the Midlands, near Nottingham. NameCheap sticks to its core philosophy of providing affordable, high-quality service coupled with world-class support and security makes it a very capable and sought after company.

What We Like


What we liked most about NameCheap was its pricing. The pricing provided by NameCheap lives up to its name, and as such it is shockingly cheap when compared to its competitors making it a good deal for people with a tight budget. NameCheap unlike other hosting companies which are often owned by big corporations is an independent and privately owned hosting company. The company as such has no hidden agendas, and thus they provide transparency which is very rare in the web hosting industry. They are Transparent about the pricing and the services it provides which is appreciated by all. NameCheap is also beginner friendly, and therefore the process of signing up, registering and using its services is very easy. Managing an account is super easy, and its software is minimalist, clean and intuitive too. Since, NameCheap has two data centres, one in the US and the other in the UK; it allows its customers to select the location based on their interests making it very convenient for non-US customers. These benefits of NameCheap make it a very capable Web hosting company.

What We Don’t Like


No company is perfect, and NameCheap also has its fair share of things which we dislike. NameCheap’s plans are somewhat on the confusing and limited side. When compared with other hosting companies, NameCheap’s plans offer much less value. This includes the number of domains it allows, the disk space and a host of other attributes. The Speed and performance provided by NameCheap is also a bit on the average end.  NameCheap’s customer support is also on the weaker end, as the support it provides is not uniform for all plans and varies according to the plan one has. The money back guarantee of just fourteen days is too short and might turn away potential customers as well.



When talking on the features let us begin with the plans NameCheap provides in shared web hosting. There are three plans that NameCheap offers, i.e., Stellar, Stellar Plus and Stellar Business, and each plan offer almost all the same services however the difference comes in the quantity that is provided. The Stellar plan provides 20 GB SSD Disk Space, Unmetered bandwidth, three websites and a website builder, whereas the Stellar Plus features unmetered disk space, unlimited bandwidth, websites and also includes a website builder. The Stellar Business offers 50 GB of SSD space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited websites and a website builder. When it comes to reliability NameCheap offers an uptime guarantee of 100%, and this is achieved by using the latest server technology and components from world-class equipment manufacturers. And upon failing to provide the guaranteed uptime, they will offer account credits. NameCheap also features cPanel as its control panel which is one of the most popular and feature-rich control panels in the world making it extremely easy for users to manage their account. NameCheap also offers Free SSL Certificates and an easy to use and intuitive website builder to its customers.



When it comes to pricing, NameCheap charges significantly less compared to its competitors which makes it stand out. NameCheap offers three shared hosting plans which are Stellar, Stellar Plus and Stellar Business. The Stellar Plan costs $2.28 per month and $24.8 per year. The Stellar Plus is the most popular plan and costs $4.88 monthly and $46.88 yearly. Lastly, The Stellar Business Plan costs $8.88 per month and $88.88 per year respectively.

Control Panel


cPanel is the Control Panel of choice for NameCheap. With cPanel being one of the most popular and commonly used control panels, it is a great add-on for NameCheap. cPanel is filled with many useful features and tools which are indispensable. With cPanel you will have access to Google Apps, SSL management, Softaculous app installer and a host of other tools which will enable you to manage your account with breeze without running into any issues.

Customer Support


NameCheap offers 24×7 customer support services, however, the time, it takes to resolve your issue always varies. Some days it will be solved in a jiffy whereas at other times it might take more than a day or so. You can get in touch with NameCheap customer support through a live chat or a help desk; however, it lacks phone support. Overall, the support it provides is good for most customers.



When we talk about reliability NameCheap promises to offer an uptime guarantee of 100% which is a very bold claim. In many cases,, it lives up to the promise and indeed offers very good uptime results when compared with other companies. Another bonus is that if the uptime guarantee is not met, then they provide compensation in the form of account credits which makes it a sweeter deal.

Final Conclusion


What makes Namecheap stand out is its super cheap pricing. This makes NameCheap a very exciting prospect for people who are concerned about pricing and are on a tight budget as well. Concerning the features it provides, it is also very capable and can stand up with the rest. This makes NameCheap a very good budget offering and is a perfect choice for people who are just starting out and are on a tight budget.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)