MochaHost Review

MochaHost Review



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MochaHost runs a web-hosting program complete with web-builder, marketed to businesses both large and small with highly competitive add-ons and features. Their standouts are definitely their tenure record service, award-winning tech support team and their price packages. They have some of the longest subscriptions available, at consistent discounts, for much lower prices than any of their competitors.

What We Like

introductionMost of their plans come E-commerce ready and SEO optimized. This is notable because these are usually upgrade-only features for business accounts. Instead, MochaHost recognizes that even their Soho (most basic) subscribers will need these tools to succeed and get ahead. They offer other tools across the board as well: WordPress and Blogger optimization across most plans, professional services for all plans and an easy web-builder.  They don’t want their clients to bend over backwards to use their services; they built each package with the best features in mind for every kind of client.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionWhile WordPress optimization across most platforms is a step up, it would be great to see this feature in their most basic plan. The basic plan, intended for bloggers and small sites, they probably envisioned for their clients to use as a blog competitive with WordPress. It probably is just as competitive; it comes with the same 100% uptime guarantees, which helps SEO ranking even without SEO tools, and also comes with its other guarantees. SEO tools and WordPress plugins would be an added bonus, but they’re a workaround in this instance.


featuresMochaHost features three packages that come with scores of features: the Soho, the Business and, their namesake, the Mocha package. The Soho is geared toward a small business, or blog, and hosts one website domain. Its perks come with normal server power—with its own speed guarantee—unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited disk space, 100% uptime guarantee, Mocha Load Protection, Never Reboot Protection, a LifeTime discount and a 180-day risk-free trial.

Business, made for medium-sized businesses or stores, ups the ante with unlimited websites and “super server” power. It also comes with unlimited monthly traffic, disk space and an uptime guarantee, but also comes SEO-optimized, with a search engine submission, WordPress, JSP/Tomcat plus Servlet support, over 180 website apps and an easy web builder.

Mocha, the largest resource, has all of these plus a free IP address; 2GB dedicated memory, a merchant or gateway account, trust seals and PCI Scanning. The Mocha was made for high-traffic sites.


pricingThe plans for MochaHost come with a wide variety of subscription plans at incredible steals. At the time of writing, the site is selling their subscriptions at 30% off full price.

For Soho, at full price, all subscriptions cost $3.95/month. Two-year plans go for $2.37/month at the reduced price; three-year plans go for only $1.95/month.

The Business package ordinarily retails all its subscriptions for $4.95/month. The two-year subscription sells for $2.94/month at discount and the three-year program sells for $2.45/month at discount.

Last, the highest Mocha bundle sells all its plans at just $10.35/month, but with subscriptions a two-year plan costs $7.25/month and a three-year plan costs $6.21/month. That’s nearly half off the retail value. You don’t see numbers like these, at discount or not, every day for subscription plans this large.

Control Panel

controlpanelThe control panel is unique in that, while it looks at first like others, it makes it apps into toolbars by themselves. This saves space, increases whitespace and contributes to the overall feel and performance of the panel. The most pertinent links, like Domains, Web, FTP Accounts and File Manager, get their own icons front and center. When you hover over these buttons, their respective toolbars appear. Your account information, beneath an avatar, display neatly on the right side of the page. Here, you can edit your account information.

The rest of the links are on the left side of the page. These are also hover-over links. Hovering over each tab—Spaces, Peers, Running Tasks, Online Store and My Ecommerce—gives you a fuller list of options to choose from.

If you leave the page, you can re-access Account Home from a top toolbar tab. There’s also an easy-access reporting tab for quick reporting needs.

Customer Support

supportAll the MochaHost staff gained their experience from other hosting platforms, startups and big-name companies. They use their staff directly to tackle customer support issues. They display their telephone number, fax and address, but offer other technical reach options. They run a twenty four-hour live chat system, a support ticket service, and general inquiry e-mail. They also host their own tech support portal. Compared to competitors, they offer more support options and a wide variety of access capabilities. If you feel like nothing else, their support page also has an entry form for no-hassle inquiry.


reliability1Most competitors keep quiet about their accolades, but MochaHost has won plenty of awards in the performance and reliability sector.  They’ve been ranked number one by CNET, ranked an E-commerce Guaranteed Approved Host, Best Affordable Hosting by Host Review, Best Support by Web Hosting Search, and named Top 11 Best Host quite a few times.

Besides which, their confidence shows in their plans; they offer a 180-day risk free trial, a 100% uptime guarantee across the board, a speed guarantee, a load protection guarantee and a never-reboot guarantee. Not many companies in this sector can guarantee so much and win this much recognition in the process.

Final Conclusion

mochahostrecommendedEach plan comes with all the guarantees, discounts and features any company could want, for fractions off the competitors’ prices. MochaHost has the reputation of being the lowest price ranking in the business, and for good reason. They can also offer 100% uptime across all plans, a feat not many competitors can manage. Between their price point and the services they offer, including their award-winning staff, they make waves in an industry often focused on lining their own pockets. One five-star review said it best: MochaHost actually cares about their customers first and does their best to prioritize their happiness over their own fees.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)