MediaTemple Review

MediaTemple Review




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MediaTemple gears VPS Hosting toward every client of every experience level. They guarantee even the client with no hand in the server maintenance all the uptime, security and services as the most experienced user. The servers are SSD, high performance, and double in RAM compared to competitors.

What We Like

introductionThe company chose an effective, customer-conscious way to break down their plans. By dividing them into the types of management, rather than the types of OS, core processor, memory and bandwidth, etc., they put the hosting platform more into the client’s control and promote their own reliability. It ensures that, depending on what departments the client uses, the client will always get the best software available—either theirs, or MediaTemple’s.

They also provide plenty of customer support outside of traditional support. Rather than have just a Knowledge Base, or just a phone number, e-mail, or chat line, they also have a whole page of articles, news, and product information kits, so that the client can find any information you like before giving them a call. They put as much or as little work in the client’s hands as they want.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionThe Managed VPS helps customize the user experience—how much of MediaTemple’s help the company in question would like—but you would have to call their support number to ask if beginners necessarily have to pay more for the “Fully Managed” plan. That said, even the Fully Managed plan costs leagues less than hiring a company’s own IT department, or outsourcing their services to a third party IT department.

The AccountCenter is everything it’s cracked up to be, when you can see it. Unfortunately, you have to finish the purchase process and set up your account, before you can see the AccountCenter. It’s worth the wait to see their late-Fall 2014 overhaul of the interface.


featuresAll hosting plans have an uptime guarantee of 99.999%, SSD servers, twenty four-hour tech support by multiple methods, and are divided up into managed plans. The VPS plans are titled Self-Managed, Managed and Fully Managed. The “Managed” and “Fully Managed” imply little to complete MediaTemple hosting. They even sub-label the plans: “Self-Managed” for the expert, down to “Fully Managed” for the beginner.

The Self-Managed VPS comes with a command line, twenty four-hour contact, Full SSH and root access, the developer’s choice of Linux OS, scaling provisions, hardware and SSD storage, and a power panel web interface.

The Managed VPS comes with the above, plus an easy-to-use control panel and—upon request—basic performance monitoring, OS updates via the control panel, security detail and malware scanning. It seems that the client can determine how much MediaTemple gets involved in this hosting package.

Fully Managed VPS takes a hands-off approach for the client and MediaTemple takes over. They manage the server with SysAdmin and include a priority response time for issues with these servers. They come with the above, plus automatic malware removal, onboarding consultation and analysis, server setup, server configuration, and app and plugin installation.


pricingAll MediaTemple plans depend on some development, scaling and customizations before their final price. That said, MediaTemple shares the starting price for each plan. The Self-Managed VPS starts at $30/month. The Managed VPS starts at $55/month. The Fully Managed VPS starts at $249 a month. They all increase in the amount of paid services and offer competitive pricing, compared to clients’ in-house IT departments, or other outsourcing companies.

Control Panel

controlpanelMediaTemple uses an interface called AccountCenter for all its hosting platforms. This is the main interface. They re-branded their company as of 2014 and redesigned all their interfaces, including this control panel. The top of the panel holds a toolbar where you can access big subjects via drop-down menu, like the “Overview,” Domains, Contacts, Billing and Support. Each menu item has its own ergonomic page with the information laid out clearly and user-friendly. The panel is “easy to guess”—it isn’t difficult for first-time users to find information they need, quickly.

Customer Support

supportMediaTemple doesn’t just have a customer support contact number, or even a support page; they boast entire customer support network. The network divides into five landing pages: the AccountCenter login, the Community page, the Help Center itself, the System Status and the Resources page.

The Community page is a giant research database. At the bottom is the search bar, but before you reach the search, you can peruse articles, different article topics, and read information on all of MediaTemple’s products and services. Rather than go to the Help Page separately, you can find the support phone number on this page, along with the chat URL and the support request URL.

The Help Center provides the company promise, links to awards, accolades and social media, and supplies information like their 24/7, 365 day a year network. To the right of the page, the client will find the Knowledge Base (Community page) link, a link to the Forum page, the Chat page, the support request page, their social media and their sales phone number. No matter the type of plan, all plans receive customer support all day, every day.


reliability1MediaTemple has the reputation of both being very reliable at-home, and helping a customer decide whether or not they’re reliable on their own. If the customer requires, they can opt for the Fully Managed plan and let the MediaTemple track record take over. Or, for more customization options, they both can choose the Managed Plan and filter MediaTemple in and out as needed. But even if the client chooses the Self-Managed plan, they guarantee security, instant provisioning and a 99.999% uptime. If problems arise, they have the entire customer support network on hand for questions and troubleshooting.

Final Conclusion

mediatemplerecommendedMediaTemple is an especially reliable choice. They take their unique stance and highlight the management of the servers as their selling base, over the servers themselves. This way, all clients get the best server specs automatically, without picking out the features they need an assembling them piece-by-piece. MediaTemple knows their audience well, knows what they need first, and knows what they need most.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)