MaxCDN Review

MaxCDN Review



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If you are looking for a low cost content delivery network, MaxCDN could be your best option. Choose your pricing, based on the amount of bandwidth you need. There is a wide range of features, allowing to build your own content delivery network package. A quality CDN will be able handle the delivery of any content you want to make available online.

Whether you want high performance for the graphics and images that you use for your website, to speed up your page load times, or you want to use it for the hosting of specific web applications and downloadable objects, there are many advantages to using a CDN. Learn more about MaxCDN, including the features they offer and how their pricing compares to other content delivery networks.

What We Like

introductionUsing a content delivery network can help you out in a lot of ways – which is also true when choosing MaxCDN. We like using MaxCDN, for a number of reasons. Mainly, we found the following benefits to be quite handy:


  • MaxCDN can save bandwidth
  • Increase your web page load times
  • Helps you deal with spikes in traffic
  • Improves the user experience of your website
  • Improve search engine optimization

When you use MaxCDN, you can end up saving bandwidth. This provides a variety of helpful advantages. Freeing up bandwidth could help cut down the costs of using a dedicated server. For those on a shared hosting plan, using a content delivery network could help speed up the load time of your web page and help you deal with spikes in traffic. The content being delivered from MaxCDN will load lightning quick, leaving your dynamic content to be loaded through your website hosting server.

Having a website and web pages that load faster will provide your users with a better browsing experience. Cutting down on load times will increase return traffic and could make the difference between a customer placing a sale or moving on to another website.

The speed of your website is also a determining factor, albeit a minor factor, used by Google when deciding on search engine rankings.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionThere really is nothing negative to say about using MaxCDN, other than to point out that this is a simple service without a lot of extra features. It provides the exact service that it sets out to offer and does not need to throw in a bunch of bells and whistles to attract customers. You get what you pay for, with MaxCDN – a reliable content delivery network.


featuresMaxCDN provides a variety of features that you will enjoy. These will give you more options over how you use your content delivery network and what you get out of it. Some of the features to keep in mind, when deciding whether you should use MaxCDN, include:


  • Advanced control settings
  • An easy to use control panel
  • Security options
  • SSL support
  • 24/7 customer support

With advanced control settings, you can configure MaxCDN however you see fit. Decide how you want to deliver your content, if you understand how to use the advanced settings. For the rest of the users, there is an easy to use control panel.

To ensure your content is protected, there are a number of security options. This includes IP white listing and various authentication options. You can also setup an SSL certificate. If you do not have an SSL certificate, you can pay for one through MaxCDN.

You can also use MaxCDN for more than just standard website content, such as images, scripts, and video. Use MaxCDN to deliver your advertisements, online games, and other applications. The REST API will allow you to integrate almost any web based application.

The customer support is always available, so if you ever run into trouble, you can get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


pricingPricing for MaxCDN depends largely on the features and services that you require. If you are not sure exactly what you need, you can setup a free test account. There are no initial setup costs, and monthly recurring prices for SSL certificates only applies to dedicated and wildcard SSL. For the most part, you will based on the amount of bandwidth that you need.

Control Panel

controlpanelYou do not need to have any experience using a content delivery network, to benefit from MaxCDN. The control panel is easy to navigate and use, for adding your content and setting up features. Despite the ease of use, there are a number of advanced controls, if you care to make further changes to the way you use MaxCDN.

Customer Support

supportAs part of the service provided by MaxCDN, you will get free access to 24/7 customer support. You can contact the support team via email or phone. There is also an FAQ page that will answer many of your questions and concerns. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee, in case you run into trouble early on and cannot get your issue taken care of.


reliability1You will not have to worry about downtime or your content not being available. MaxCDN has reliable servers, as their service depends on being able to consistently deliver content quickly. If you are concerned about security, you can use an SSL certificate or purchase one from MaxCDN.

Final Conclusion

maxcdnrecommendedUsing a content delivery network is a simple way to improve the performance of your website and decrease load times. Having a faster website will help with the user experience you provide to your visitors. MaxCDN is affordable and easy to use. The control panel is simple, yet it offers many advanced features and settings for those with more experience. MaxCDN also includes a REST API for integrating web based applications.

You can use MaxCDN as you see fit, adding website content, applications, and other resources, to free up bandwidth on your website hosting account, which is very beneficial for saving money with a dedicated server or speeding up a website that is hosted on a shared hosting plan.

To learn more about MaxCDN, and begin speeding up your website, visit MaxCDN today and start delivering your content from a reliable server.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)