iPower Review

iPower Review



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IPower sets themselves apart as  the 100% green, top secure and feature-filled web-hosting platform. They clearly pride themselves on the features and add-ons they supply with their subscription services and they maintain a reputation of client helpfulness and ease of use.

What We Like

introductionThey make explicit which packages work best for which clients. They don’t beat around the bush and they don’t lead on customers—their tone is one of absolute honesty. They tell you which package they want most customers to buy…but tell you whether or not that package is the best fit for your company. They state clearly that starter companies should try Starter first, not Pro, or Pro Plus, etc. That said, they also don’t “dumb down” any of their packages; they’re all excellent deals and come flush with features.

They’re just as honest about the kind of technology they use in their database centers as well. They share where their servers are located, what kind of power they use, and where they get their power supply. IPower can boast that they are a 100% wind-powered green facility; they do their part to lessen their carbon footprint on the world.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionThey don’t list their full-subscription prices straightaway. A platform this honest and thorough elsewhere, you know that they have different subscription plans as well. It does take some digging to find these prices listed, however. It would be great to see the prices on the very front page in the pricing table, like their competitors. They are, however, explicit about when their sales end and their renew rates.

They also come equip with so many features that their links and drop down menus, especially in their control panel, can get a little bit tedious. Customers should know very well how the platform works thanks to the control panel tutorial, but first time users might be overwhelmed slightly by all the options available.


featuresIPower offers three clear, and clearly labeled, plans for its customers: the Starter Plan, the Pro Plan and the Pro Plus. The great news is, each plan comes with most of their total features; the only differences are the sizes, because companies usually have different size needs and accommodations.

The Starter Plan with all e-mail features, all website-builder wizards, all software and script features, all marketing guides, promotional tools, web statistics, hosting utilities, power and java plugins, and their green-certified, top security database centers. Subscribers get 5GB disk space, 250GB RAM, one domain, one MySQL database and one POP3 e-mail account.

The Pro Plan comes with all of these, but also includes all e-commerce features, including the starter ShopSite feature. Clients also receive unlimited disc space, unlimited bandwidth, one free domain name, 25 MySQL databases and 2,500 e-mail accounts.

The Pro Plus Plan, on top of everything already listed again, comes with unlimited e-mail accounts, domains, three free domain names, a more thorough ShopSite feature, unlimited e-mail accounts and the premium Site Builder wizard.

Again, where all the plans come with most features, the plans increase some features by amounts, specificity and duration.


pricingThe iPower Starter Plan begins at just $3.99/month full-price. The Pro Plan at the time of writing is on sale, and is slightly reduced below that, to $3.95/month. The Pro Plus is $11.99/month subscription. Below the prices, they make clear that the promotions are for the first year only. They ask you to renew at the standard rate. For Pro, the rate presumably falls between $4-12.

Control Panel

controlpanelThe control panel is quite easy to find—it’s on the top toolbar to the right and loads quickly upon entry. The panel is laid out left-to-right for easy reading and finding information, with the most important buttons laid out on the left side of the screen, into the middle. The panel starts with your website features—you can load all the features you want by clicking each button. The features come with their own page. Then, E-mail, Domain, and other tabs divide the buttons into their own sub-categories.

The Shortcut menu is on the right side and includes well-planned, well-used shortcut URLs. These include edit functions, check e-mail and stat functions and a site-viewer, from the perspective of your customer.

Other system settings fall below those, including all your website specs, like IP address and others.

Customer Support

supportTheir support page gets its own landing page and is made the center of attention. It loads quickly and easily and tells clients their options right off the bat. Clients can search their proficient Knowledge Base immediately, or browse the Knowledge Base for answers to their questions. They can see the Terms of Service from this panel, check out the User Guide, or ask any tech support staff for troubleshooting assistance with their e-mail and chat interfaces. Those with an account can make and wait for ticket service. All customers and clients can talk with a customer service representative on the phone, twenty-four hours a day. IPower makes sure to use every spec they can create for their customer support system.


reliability1IPower, as their name might suggest, maintain powerhouse data centers that are built to provide optimum site reliability and uptime maximization. Their data centers reside in Boston, MA and fill 2,400 sq. ft. of space with top-of-the-line servers. These servers are protected by a twenty-four hour security detail, contain all the same equipment, tech and architecture, and run on both A/C and D/C N+1 power. The care to their servers shows in the platform’s performance; for over ten years, the platform has provided excellent flexibility, awstats and increased uptime for its clients. Then, if you have any problems at all, the staff has a reputation for being easy-to-access and helpful with questions.

Final Conclusion

ipowerrecommendedIPower is  a great choice for users that want even their Starter Plan to come with all the features they need for their site. They don’t cut features for their lowest plan; they even recommend the lowest plan first, for many of their customers. They put the client’s requirements above their own, be those requirements a lower plan, or a shorter lease. The client matters more. Clients can also rest assured that they’re choosing a green, environmentally friendly company when they choose IPower.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)