iContact Review

iContact Review


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iContact provides a number of different options for setting up an email marketing campaign. In this modern age of the internet, email marketing remains one of the best solutions for expanding your market and staying connected with your customers.

When setting up your email marketing strategy, should you use iContact to manage your subscriber list and campaign settings? Read the rest of this review to find out if iContact provides all the features you need for a successful email marketing campaign.

What We Like

introductionHow does iContact stand out from other email marketing options? While they do offer many features that we have come to expect, there is also a variety of benefits that make it a solid option for your email marketing needs. Here are the best reasons to consider using iContact:

  • Over 300 email templates
  • Limited Free Plan
  • Event tracking
  • Easily create subscriber categories
  • Social media integration
  • Add custom templates

iContact does their best to provide users with a wide variety of reasons to choose them for email marketing. For starters, you will get access to over 300 email templates. These templates let you quickly design a stylish email. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can create and upload your own custom templates.

The pricing for iContact is relatively low and there is even a free plan with a limited number of contacts and emails. Try iContact for free, you can add up to 100 contacts and send up to 400 emails each month. The rate for having up to 5,000 subscribers is only $47 each month – which is below the average rate, when compared to other email marketing services.

With iContact, you will find powerful event tracking features. Set up specific events and keep track of RSVP’s and other stats. For further campaign management, iContact also provides the ability to easily create different subscriber categories.

Social media integration is offered by most services, but iContact lets you make the most of it – with automated posting of surveys, forms, and other content to your social media profiles. Keep track of new followers and likes, on any of the major social media platforms.

Overall, iContact ensures that there are plenty of reasons to consider using their services for your email marketing campaign.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionNo review is complete without examining the disadvantages of using a product. iContact can be a great choice for your email marketing needs, but they are not without their own short list of disadvantages:


  • Extra fee for A/B split testing
  • Extra fee for Google Analytics integration
  • Difficulty importing contact lists
  • Very small image library storage
  • Limited customer service hours

The first couple of disadvantages that stand out with iContact is that you need to pay an extra fee in order to use A/B split testing or add Google Analytic integration. While iContact does provide their own analytics and tracking features, having to pay extra to integrate with Google Analytics is a little disappointing.

The A/B split testing can be very useful for testing the effectiveness of a campaign, by viewing the results of two separate emails. The extra fee for using A/B split testing makes the lower starting fee for iContact irrelevant.

In order to import your contact list from another source or service, you need to have your list available as an XLS or CSV file. Those are your only two options for importing contacts. If you store your contacts in your email account or in a database, you are out of luck, unless you can convert your list to an XLS or CSV file.

Many email marketing services provide a storage library for hosting images. Adding images to emails can help break up the content and make the emails more stylish. With iContact, you only get 5MB of storage space. After uploading a dozen small files your storage space will be full.

The final disadvantage to choosing iContact is their limited hours of operation for their customer service department. They are only available to take your call between 8am and 8pm EST. If you live in a different time zone or work mostly at night, you will have to wait to get a hold of them.


featuresEmail marketing provides a great method for reaching out and keeping your customers up to date with your latest business developments. Use emails to announce sales or send out a regular newsletter. You will find all of these standard features, with a membership to iContact, along with some additional features to help you manage your marketing efforts.

iContact has an easy to understand interface and also provides access to video tutorials that will walk you through the process of setting up your email marketing campaign. Setting up your account is easy and quick. Creating stylish emails is also easy; you will have access to over 300 email templates, when creating emails.

Email marketing is important for any business that wants to increase sales leads, build customer relations, and increase conversion rates. iContact offers the features that you need to get started, along with a mixture of advantages and disadvantages. Next, look at these pros and cons to learn more about iContact.


featuresLike many email marketing services, iContact offers a free trial to get you started. They also have a free plan that provides up to 100 contacts and 400 emails per month. This is a great way to start using their services without spending a dime.

If you are looking for more volume and more contacts, there are multiple plans to choose from. The lowest plan includes 500 contacts for $14 per month. You could also choose 1000 contacts for the low price of $19, or 2500 contacts for $29. Affordable

Customer Support

supportAs mentioned earlier, iContact has limited hours for customer support. Monday through Friday, you can get a hold of their live chat support team between 8AM and 8PM. While this is a disadvantage, they are available through email support 24/7, but you may not get an immediate response.

When you do get a hold of the customer support department, it should be noted that they are always helpful and can assist you with any issues that you are having.

Final Conclusion

icontactrecommendedAfter reading this review, hopefully you have a better idea of what iContact can and cannot provide. They have a low starting fee, unless you factor in the extra fees for A/B split testing and Google Analytics integration. There is a wide assortment of templates to choose from and the option to create your own custom templates.

They have superior event tracking features and subscriber management options, but lack some functionality when importing contact lists. The hosted image library is very small and their customer service hours are limited. Compare the advantages to the disadvantages before you decide to get a membership. Not every business has the same needs and iContact does offer a quality service.

If you think that the advantages make iContact the right solution for your email marketing needs, then start setting up your campaign today. Signing up and getting started is easy. Visit their website and learn more about pricing options and how to create your first email marketing campaign with iContact.






(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)