How To Choose The Best Website Builder

How To Choose The Best Website Builder

Choosing the best website builder comes down to knowing which features are worth that premium cost, but also which features should be included with the standard builder, regardless of host. There are some benefits that you simply should not negotiate. Keep some of these in mind when choosing your best website builder.

SEO tools

One of the top advantages to a website builder is its page rank optimization features. Even those that code may elect a website builder, just to make sure a search engine will notice their page. SEO tools are some of the most effective branding tools you could find. Find website builders that include these tools in their standard or next-level premium package. Many builders will include SEO tools on the front end.

Modern designed templates

The Internet is constantly inundated with new pages and new platforms. Nowadays, a clean template, tech-savvy appearance and simplicity are the go-to website designs. Pay close attention to the templates your website builder offers and how much flexibility they possess. Make sure they match, or exceed, the hi-tech format of many other competing templates. Think about what websites you enjoy and how they’re designed, for starters.

Control panel optimization

The point of finding a website builder is to find a website tool that will let you build and publish your website on your own. These builders will also let you edit the website easily and efficiently. Find a web builder with a control panel demo that will let you see how the control panel functions. If the tools are easy to find and the panel is navigable, you have found a website builder contender. If the control panel is not well laid-out, you might need to keep looking. Having a pretty page isn’t enough—you actually have to get to the tools themselves.

Number of features and plug-ins

Features and plug-ins for different objectives (see SEO tools) make website builders a better buy than just coding your own page. Settling for a website builder without a flush list of free or inexpensive features defeats this purpose. Analytics tools, WordPress tools, e-commerce tools and other features will really bring your page to the next level without a whole lot of extra work.

Customer support

Your website builder will hopefully perform easily enough that you can use the program to its fullest extent without any problems. When problems do arise, however, you must have the most experienced, most easily accessible and most helpful customer support team at your disposal. Look for 24/7 support teams, teams with plenty of modes of contact and teams with knowledge databases for more information.

Website builders come with a whole host of features and positive benefits. The problem lies in deciphering which features you can leave for rainy days and which features you need up-front before you sign the dotted line. Your choice comes down to compromise. Stick with your guns, know what your website needs most, and only choose the builder that can offer all, or most, of what you want.