HostDime Review

HostDime Review



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HostDime runs their VPS hosting software in a data center powered with 15,000 RPM SAS drives. With these, they achieve a tremendous amount of output, all for the client. They operate on Xeon server tech starting with 12 GB RAM. These VPS hosting platforms are designed for optimum performance for all customers, regardless of package size and specs. With four plans, entirely secure and day-long maintained data centers, as well as fully-managed services, it’s clear HostDime wants to serve their customers with as little hassle on their part as possible.

What We Like

introductionHostDime is completely up front and honest about their plans and pricing. They know the value of their product and they know what specs clients need for each package. That, and they don’t limit certain features from certain plans. All plans had the same features; the features just varied in size and memory amount.

When they did vary, they varied evenly. There was no significant jump in memory or data by the third package from the top; all the escalating disk space and bandwidth numbers rose fairly per package. That, and there were no severe reductions from the “lowest” package. The VPS 1 is still a great deal.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionWhile the disk space and bandwidth increased evenly per package, the IP address number and amount of mbps for public uplinks did not increase per package. This has both pros and cons. The pros, of course, are that the VPS 1 package has as many dedicated addresses as the VPS 4. Conversely, however, the VPS 4 and lower match the VPS 1; there is no change and  no elevated numbers across the plans. This isn’t so much a con as a question—they never explicitly state why that is.

The monthly subscriptions, while low for their product compared to competitors, also cap off at just one year. The subscription sizes run monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually, but not for more than one year. This could be a limitation of their size; the products are so large and so feature-immersive that they may want to let the client reassess and see whether or not they need to switch plans after one year. This is likely. However, many other companies will often offer at least 2-3 year plans for similar subscriptions.


featuresHostDime divides their VPS into four packages: VPS 1, VPS 2, VPS 3 and VPS 4. They offer the same features, but incrementally increase their output, as their clients grow and need more packages with more memory and space. They all entail RAID 10 disk space, bandwidth, memory, a dedicated IP address, cPanel, a Softaculous License, WHMCS License, a public uplink, full root access and come fully managed.

VPS 1 has 30GB of the RAID 10 Disk space, 1000 GB monthly bandwidth, and 1024 MB memory. Customers also receive two dedicated IP addresses and 1000mbps public uplink. VPS 2 has an increased 50 GB disk space, 1500 GB monthly bandwidth, 2048 MB memory, the same two IP addresses and the same 1000mbps public uplink.

VPS 3 gets the same features, with an additional 70 GB disk space, 2000 GB monthly bandwidth, and 3072 MB memory. The last, VPS 4, has 90 GB disk space, 3000 GB monthly bandwidth and 4096 MB memory. There isn’t a feature that either of these packages don’t at the least, include on one level.


pricingThis platform excels in transparency and gives you the pricing straight away. VPS 1 costs $50/month, or $550/year. VPS 2, the best value for its features, costs $60/month, or $660/year. VPS 3 costs $75/month, $825/year, and VPS 4 costs $90/month, $990/year. To find the length of the subscriptions and multi year subscriptions, you start the buying process and see your options available then.

Control Panel

controlpanelHostDime recently became a cPanel license distributor and thusly upgraded the quality of their control panel and its capabilities. They offer full hosting control for each admin in multiple panel package add-ons. Through cPanel, users can follow the streamlined, ergonomic landing page and track their accounts, either their main or sub-domains. Then, they can view all the statistics and specs they have for their website and make any editorial changes they need. The various panels boast various file-hosting and other memory capabilities. Panels also range from single account management to entire server management.

Customer Support

supportHostDime is one of few companies that offers a satellite office location for contact. They inform the customer and potential customer of their location and operation hours. Of course, they have support team members on staff twenty four-hours a day. You can write to them by snail mail, if you like, or contact the core desk by their listed e-mail address.

Perusing the site, you already see the live chat button; the button follows scrolling and makes it apparent they want you to reach out with questions. Then, they offer two numbers: a US  and CA number and an international connect number for outreach clients. If you don’t feel like either of these, you can also fill out a questionnaire form right from the site and wait for their prompt response.


reliability1The company offers fully-managed, reliable web hosting for all their clients and for all server packages. Rather than leave it on the customer’s staff to troubleshoot, or operate their platform with internal IT, customers can outsource their IT direct to HostDime. They lend their expertise and security detail to your account and make your platform performance run reliably, every time. They offer necessities like cPanel updates, PHP updates, backups and restoration, MySQL optimization SSL configuration, DNS configuration and others.

Final Conclusion

hostdimerecommendedAll’s fair with HostDime. They treat their first package as well as their last and make sure that every company, no matter their size, walks away with all the features they need to host well with every single platform. All their packages are powerhouses, with plenty of disk space, bandwidth RAM and competitive pricing. They want to appear like their company is just no contest in the field. With their specs, that statement can be entirely true.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)