Host1Plus Review

Host1Plus Review



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Host1Plus is a web hosting platform whose services revolve around customer functionality. From their website to their control panel platform, they make clear that they want to cater to every client of every stripe—not just specialized clients that have massive amounts of technical experience. They’re the everyman hosting platform. They demonstrate their care in their product and service.

What We Like

introductionThe program’s functionality is at its peak. The company is very up-front about the features you get, the features you don’t get and, most importantly, why they made the design and affiliate-program choices they made. They don’t shy from the fact that they want to reach out to every client and make website-making and web hosting as easy and no-hassle as possible. Their price point is also very competitive, dollars a month less than other competitors, for the same high-quality features and guarantees.

They also have a “tutorial” section to their customer support page. The tutorials can be seen from the front page as well and offer outside help more specific than what might be found on their FAQ site.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionThe prices per month are explicitly listed, but you would have to begin the subscription process to see the prices bundled per year.  This is only a small issue, as they encourage customers to pick the plans that best fit their model immediately, rather than examine price points (which are already low), but some competing site layouts make the prices more explicit.

The programs for web-hosting are competitive and excellent, and their wide variety ensures that you can probably find the plan you need up-front. That said, a small descriptor of their other hosting packages on the web hosting page would have made their differences a little bit more clear.


featuresMost competitors will offer different plan prices; these plans need bundle upgrades, or you must change plans to get your features. The Starter, Personal, Business and Business Pro accounts thankfully lead with their pricing, rather than disguise them at the end of a long list of features. But then, they do follow with those features. They offer a nice list of features for each package, no matter the package size.

The Starter plan offers 1 GB of disk space, 50GB bandwidth and one domain. They promise 99% uptime, unlimited e-mail accounts, three domains pointers, one sub-domain and 64 MB of physical memory. The CPU Cores/Limit is 2×60%. The package, in addition to other features, boasts three PHP versions, backup management, unlimited FTP accounts, 1 GB Network Uplink and twenty four-hour tech support.

The Personal builds on these, with 5 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth, three domains and three MySQL DB. They allows five domains pointers, three sub-domains and 96 MB physical memory.

Last, the Business and Business Pro really swells the features, with 30 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth, 30 domains and MySQL DB apiece—even a free domain if you order these plans for over six months’ subscription.


pricingThe subscription rate ranges in time between all three plans. The Starter plan offers two tracks—12 and 24 months—at just $.83/month.

The Personal offers one month, three month, six, 12 and 24 month plans. One month starts at $2.49/month, three months drops to $2.25/month, and the prices continue to fall. The max 24 month subscription comes down to just $1.95/month, an extremely competitive rate for this bundle.

Then, the Business Pro plan offers the same time range, for the same ratio of discounts. The plan starts at only $6.99/month, drops to $6.65/month for three months and, by 24 months, has fallen to $5.75/month.

Control Panel

controlpanelHost1Plus offers more than one control panel for varying purposes, with only the best layout options per panel. They explain their choices of buttons and toolbars in their panel info page: that these features make the pages easy to understand and navigate for all users of any technical background.

Their panels include the cPanel (control panel), the Direct Admin panel, the ISPConfig Panel, the ISPmanager Panel, the Webmin BSD-licensed panel, a Linux distributed panel called Kloxo, and DirectAdmin. They made their panel choices based on functionality, understanding and customer knowledge base.

Customer Support

supportHost1Plus created their own special support hub for their customer support capabilities. It’s a whole other website, clearly marked and accessible from their main page. First, you can try the search bar and comb the Knowledge Base for FAQ answers to your questions. From there, you can either see their latest updates, submit a ticket, click the online chat button, or check your ticket progress. They’re up-front and clear about any technical difficulties and updates with their newsletter. They also backlog old announcements, if you want to preview their track record for maintenance.


reliability1They have a wildly successful, fast-acting customer support system that will take care of any troubleshooting issue you may acquire, plus an extensive database that answers server questions, hosting and panel questions and walks you through their platform. That said, they use many preventative measures to make sure the problems that arise are very infrequent and seldom-seen.  They have multiple server locations across many countries, including two US locations, The Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Brazil, the UK and South Africa. Multiple server locations ensures stable performance and less room for error all around.

Final Conclusion

host1plusrecommendedHost1Plus is a great example of a company that uses variety, and many hosting platforms, to their pricing advantage. Not only would they never dream of filtering clients into the highest-priced plan, but they keep all their plan prices low intentionally. They explicitly state which features belong—and don’t belong—to each plan, to prevent guesswork and ease the user experience. They also offer a formidable customer support system. Many users prioritize customer support over most else—it’s a very necessary component to a well-oiled machine. Between the support, the varied plans, the many servers and data hubs and their lengthy track record, Host1Plus operates with the positive client-to-company relationship of smaller platforms, but with the specs of a very large hosting company.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)