FreshBooks Review

FreshBooks Review



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FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software that provides accounting solutions and services to small business owners. FreshBooks aims to provide online invoicing as well as time tracking services for small business owners who are looking to have more control over their accounting needs. FreshBooks philosophy stands on four Es, and it is to Execute Extraordinary Experiences Every day. FreshBooks had its inception in the year 2003, and it has steadily increased its services and now has grown into a huge cloud accounting Solutions Company. FreshBooks has offered its services to over 10 million people, and it now has customers in over 120 countries. This has made FreshBooks the number one cloud accounting solution for small business owners, and as such, it has even won multiple awards in the process. FreshBooks’ headquarters is located in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

What We Like


FreshBooks has gained immense popularity as an online invoice and accounting software, and this is because it has provided very good solutions and services which its competitors fail to provide. There are a lot of things which we liked about FreshBooks however we would start things off by talking about its efficiency. With FreshBooks, the time taken to create, send, file and track invoice, as well as expenses, as well as expenses, has been drastically reduced. As time is valuable, the speed and efficiency provided by FreshBooks are one of its most attractive features. Next thing which we liked was the FreshBooks’ User-friendly nature. FreshBooks provides a very simple and user-friendly experience. The design is very well laid out, and it is simple and straightforward and as such is not overloaded.

As such this focus on simplicity and its user-friendly nature makes it very easy to use FreshBooks. Another great feature of FreshBooks is its customizability. With FreshBooks, you can edit and customise invoices according to your business requirements. You are also given the freedom to customise the expense rules as well as the categories and also customise the invoice creating the procedure. Another Standout feature of FreshBooks is its ability to integrate with a wide variety of software which includes e-commerce software, time tracking software, payroll software etc. This wide range of compatibility with other software makes FreshBooks a very versatile and dynamic software which becomes an indispensable tool for small business owners.

What We Don’t Like


FreshBooks also carries with it certain factors and aspects which we did not like, and though they might not be a huge deal, however, we will discuss them. First on the list is the Pricing of FreshBooks. Though FreshBooks’ pricings are not over the top or anything, however, however, the system of a month to month fees eventually adds up quickly by the end of a year to a large amount.  The second con of FreshBooks is that it does not allow the bulk creation and editing of invoices. Each invoice has to be created manually from scratch. This can become a big problem for a person or company who has to create a large number of invoices and thus this process can become time-consuming.



FreshBooks comes with three monthly and yearly plans, and they are Lite, Plus and Premium respectively. All these three plans are filled with a host a useful accounting features which include Unlimited invoices and estimates, the ability to track time and expenses, Accept Online payment without hassle, the ability to automatically import expenses from one’s Bank Account, Project Budgets for your team and also provides powerful reports with statistics and insights in tune with your business.

Here are some of the best features of FreshBooks and let us begin with its Superb Invoice to Payment feature. This feature allows you to track the when your client has received and opened your invoice and ensures that it gets delivered to ensure that no confusion occurs. It also provides you with the tools to manage your billing history and also provides with a flexible way to manage payments as it supports a wide range of payment channels. Another Standout feature is that FreshBooks allows you to track your expenses very easily. You can take a picture of the receipt and attach it to FreshBooks which will log it.  It also allows you to import your expenses straight from the bank which will help you to track how much money your business is spending daily.

Creating financial reports on FreshBooks is pretty easy as well. With FreshBooks, one can easily create a profit and loss report with just the click of a few buttons. Other reports such as an expense report, taxation reports, etc.. can also be easily created with the help of the powerful and easy to use Report creating tools which FreshBooks provides with.



FreshBooks offers three plans, and each of them is priced differently. The three plans that are available are Lite, Plus and Premium. The Lite Plan is priced at $15/month, the Plus Plan is priced at $25/month, and the Premium Plan is priced at $50/month respectively.  Another feature in its pricing is that for $10/month you can add a person to your team, helping you to expand your team.


Customer Support


The Customer Support provided by FreshBooks is also top notch, and they strive continually to provide great customer support and services to its customers. They are available for support 24×7, and one can get in touch with them through all the common channels which include phone, email and chat. FreshBooks keeps track of all of its customer support experience, and as a result, they have a customer satisfaction average which stands at 97.3%. To add to its accolade, FreshBooks was even awarded the Gold Stevie Award for Best Front-Line Customer Service Team.


Final Conclusion


FreshBooks has established itself as one of the best online invoice and accounting software, and this is not just by chance or luck. This has been made possible as it provides high-quality accounting services and solutions which is coupled with great customizability and flexibility while also being reasonably priced. The award-winning customer support which FreshBooks provides also sweetens the deal-making FreshBooks a great add-on for any business in need of a great accounting tool.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)