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Entrust Review



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Website security is of increasing importance. The number of malicious attacks against online businesses grows each year. For improved security, every business that deals with online transactions should have SSL certificates to ensure their data is encrypted. If you take a credit card or payment information over your website, or other personal info from your clients, then look into Entrust SSL.

What We Like

introductionEntrust is one of the superior SSL companies available. They have been in business for quite some time and provide many advantages to their users. Overall, we found the following benefits to be the most useful:


  • Exceptional safety and security
  • They meet all government standards
  • Quality customer support
  • A selection of SSL certificates

Entrust provides exceptional safety and security and they meet all government standards. They use third-party verification and certification for all of their services. In fact, they were the first SSL service to follow the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). They were also the first to receive the international Common Criteria (CC) certification.

Whenever you have a question or a problem, customer support is ready to help you. You can contact them Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm, via a toll-free phone line. You can also start a support ticket through an online form on their website or send them an email. For immediate help, you can talk to customer support through live chat.

There are a number of different SSL certificates and plan options for you to choose from, when you set up an account with Entrust. The cheapest plan is for mobile device certificates and starts at $38.25 per year. Their largest plan starts at $573 per year and includes a wide range of SSL certificates.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionDespite their high-quality service, there are a couple of disadvantages that we noticed. Most people rave about the services and SSL certificates provided through Entrust, but the following two disadvantages should be pointed out:


  • Higher prices
  • Do not provide many added features

When you compare Entrust to their competition, you will notice that Entrust has higher prices. They have been offering the same prices for quite some time and have not restructured to follow the industry standard. If you shop around, it should not take you very long to find a more affordable option for your SSL certificates, but you may not find the same level of service or quality.

The next drawback is the amount of features. Entrust SSL focuses on offering improved website security and does not mess around with added features. When you want added website security and SSL certificates, added features are not really an issue.


featuresAs mentioned, Entrust SSL has a limited amount of added features. You get what you pay for. Despite this lack of features, they do provide high-quality SSL certificates. In fact, the selection of different SSL certificate packages and the types of encryption available are some of their main features, which includes:

  • Extended validation
  • Organization validation
  • Domain validation

With extended validation (EV) SSL certificates, you get the highest level of website security. The organization validation (OV) SSL certificates will validate the identity of your company and provides many of the same features provided by EV certificates.

With either the EV or OV SSL certificates, you will receive your SSL certificate within 1 to 2 days. You will also be able to use the certificates on up to 2 domains, with the https:// and a green lock in the address bar. You can also include the seal of an SSL certificate on your website.

The most affordable option is the domain validation (DV) SSL certificates. This will validate your domain name, but not your company information.


pricingAs discussed, there are a variety of SSL plans to choose from. They range in price from $38.25 to $573 per year. There are seven different plans to look at, with varying levels of protection and types of SSL certificates.

For $199 per year, you can get their standard SSL certificates. This is one of their most popular plans and includes OV SSL certificates, unlimited server licenses, quick issuance, warranty protection, and more.

Whichever plan you choose, you can save money by paying for more than one year upfront. Purchase your plan for 2 or 3 years to get an added discount or choose to pay for just one year.

Customer Support

supportCustomer support is a great selling point for Entrust. Contact them through phone, email, live chat, or an online contact form. Once a ticket is created, the customer service team does everything in their power to solve your problem as quickly as possible. When contacting via phone, they are only available Monday through Friday between 8am and 8pm.

Along with direct contact, Entrust has a large knowledge base that you can search to get answers yourself. Find solutions for setting up or implementing your SSL certificates on your website. For most issues, you should be able to find the answers you need while browsing the knowledge base.


reliability1When you choose Entrust, reliability is not an issue. Entrust has been in business for quite some time and has gained a reputation for their reliability and security. They are also at the forefront of website security, as their business depends on it, and will not let you down.


Final Conclusion

entrustrecommendedEntrust is one of the most trusted names, when it comes to website security and SSL certificates. They have a long track record of providing SSL certificates and other security features. While their prices may be slightly higher than their competition, when you choose Entrust you know that you are getting a quality product.

Whether you want an SSL certificate to protect the data on your website or to increase the security of your online transactions, Entrust is one of the top options available to online businesses.

They have superior customer service and a selection of SSL plans. To start protecting your website and providing secure transactions, visit Entrust and set up your account.




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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)