Ecommerce Hosting Reviews

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Top E-Commerce Hosting & Online Web Stores
Ranking Online Store Benefits Price/Mo. Review
#1 BigCommerce No Hidden Fees $29.95 Bigcommerce Review
2 Shopify Unlimited Products $29 Shopify Review
3 InfusionSoft Marketing Platform $199 Infusionsoft Review
4 Volusion Easy To Use $15 Volusion Review
5 3dCart Free Trial $9.99 3dcart Review
6 CoreCommerce Easy Setup $39.99 CoreCommerce Review
7 Xcart PHP Platform $195 Xcart Review
8 Ontraport Business Platform $297 Ontraport Review
Secure Your Website
Ranking Provider Benefits Price/Yr Review
#1 Comodo World Leader $76.95 Comodo Review
2 Sitelock Secure Your Site $109/yr Sitelock Review
Build Your Business
Ranking Provider Benefits Price/Yr Review
#1 Wishpond Marketing Platform $588 Wishpond Review
2 Freshbooks Business Accounting $162 Freshbooks Review


What is E-Commerce Hosting?

Online stores—also called e-commerce stores, or ecommerce hosting—are as they sound: a store that sets up shop online. Any website that hosts a store, whether or not the store is the main attraction of that site, uses online store software. The simplicity stops there.

These stores use hosts tailed with e-commerce features you may not immediately consider. Some of these include shipping calculations, a shopping cart program, tax calculations—everything right down to the product displays. Online store hosts provide templates with these features and more built-in, so that customers can plug in their products, descriptions and other pages to make their store run efficiently.

Naturally, not everyone that wants an online store can code their own site. Online store hosts take away the legwork and program pre-packaged web stores at varying rates for varying businesses. The standard (and sometimes free) packages come with the basic necessities, but premium paid packages can include unlimited products, multiple domains, a custom URL, promotional and discount software and other perks that make your store stand out among your competition.

Because online stores have such a presence on the web, competing platforms do their best to make their packages shine with a laundry list of features and power accommodations. These are good perks for the customer, but can make choosing a host incredibly difficult. We craft our reviews to break down the most important online store features, regardless of host, and let you decide which host offers the best quality features for your store.