Dreamhost Review

Dreamhost Review



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DreamHost offers four web hosting packages that vary in target clients and sizes, but not in services, great features, or great prices for the scale of the packages. They cover all bases in the clients they want to reach and the services they offer. They promote themselves to the entrepreneurial minded and know exactly what a budding, or well-established, business wants and needs.

What we Like

introductionThe four packages have a long list of custom essential features, but they also stand out from one another in marked ways. One might work best for blog platforms, one-site traffic like portfolios, or personal websites. Others will help the e-commerce page, business page and emerging developer. One package comes entirely WordPress plugin-optimized. They even have a package with its own dedicated server, meant for high traffic businesses, sites, apps and agencies. They don’t just limit themselves to one market; they work across the board and satisfy all customers.

What we Don’t Like

icon-questionDreamHost doesn’t offer an explicit ticket-holding service for questions and troubleshooting. The service is well-marketed elsewhere. They make up for the deficit, however, with other options that their competitors don’t have, like a discussion forum and their own wiki page, plus twenty four-hour troubleshooting call and e-mail access. If they use tickets, the service isn’t highlighted on their main page.

Some other packages could have hosted WordPress as well. At the moment, just one package out of four promotes a WordPress plugin. These other sites undoubtedly offer plugin capabilities—they would just need to be manual. You can also link to a WordPress blog directly from your webpage using any other service.


featuresThe hosting platforms vary from your three-variety packages to one massive package, for those companies that want a server all to themselves. You start with Shared Hosting, the first website hosting package. They come with one free domain name, unlimited domains, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and a huge 97-day money back guarantee. Next, Virtual Private Servers manage VPS hosting with SSDs. They scale up to 8GM of RAM, come with unlimited bandwidth and a custom built control panel. The third level up, Managed WordPress Hosting, is a WordPress-optimized package marketed for sites with blogs. These are hosted on Virtual Private Servers with up to 30GB of additional SSD storage. They automate WordPress pre-installed with core updates, customizable with any theme or plugin, and run PHP 5.5 with OPcache and HHVM.

The last package is geared for clients that require a lot of RAM and bring in a high number of unique visitors per month: the Dedicated Servers package. This deal earns a 100% uptime guarantee, up to 64 GB of RAM, 2TB of storage and unlimited bandwidth, SSH, optional SSDs and a web-based control panel.


pricingShared Hosting comes in at around $8.95 per month for a two-year subscription under one domain name, $9.95/month for one year or $10.95 monthly. This is the package with that now runs 200% faster with SSDs and unlimited bandwidth.

The Virtual Private Servers package starts at the next level, of $15 a month. Then, for additional RAM, SSD storage and other features, you can upgrade to $30/month, $60/month and $120/month packages.

Managed WordPress Hosting, complete with all the aforementioned upgrades and the WordPress plugin, comes in at $19.95 per month for an annual package, or $24.95/month monthly.

The Dedicated Server is a giant version of the previous packages, with DDoS protection, 100% uptime guarantee, Ubuntu Linux, 2TB of storage and RAID 1 storage. This package comes in at $169 per month each month, or $149 per month for a one-year subscription.

Control Panel

controlpanelThe DreamHost control panel is clean, well laid-out and has very little clutter. It’s slick design lets you see all the most important info right away, along with a well fleshed-out help panel with links to other important pages. Right at the center of the page are your website hosting, databases, e-mail, domain registrations, website software, users, support and billing tabs. On the left are two toolbars: the “toolbox” and the “main menu.” The toolbox has the managing tools, like managing account, domain, email, users, VPS service, etc. The main menu is a bit fuller, with other extra links like backing up your account, a promo “site of the month” tab, suggestions, and even offers to donate and “give to charity.” Other tabs include status tabs, files forever tabs, and contact customer support. DreamHost produced the control panel definitively so that you would stay on the page as long as possible.

Customer Support

supportCustomer support for DreamHost comes with a variety of options. You can enter your query on an easy-to-access form right on their website, or follow sub-pages to a few other contact options. Of course, you can call tech support straightaway for any troubleshooting issue. You can also check System Status for any notices and news bulletins, look up FAQs and other assistance on DreamHost’s very own Wiki, or go to the discussion forums for real-time questions and answers. There, you may find answers to the problems you face, asked by other users and answered by professional staff.

You can contact support in two places: either the support link right on the webpage, or through your personal control panel.


reliability1DreamHost has one of the most competitively thorough support services among its competitors, and is one of extremely few to boast 100% uptime on one of its packages. They’ve also been one of the longest-running platforms in the business, having helped over 1.5 million customers since 1997. Their experience outdoes most of their competitors; they’ve had a lot of time to cultivate a product that’s entirely reliable and safe to use.

Final Conclusion

dreamhostrecommendedDreamHost is a uniquely green-certified hosting system that offers more variety in its services than many hosting businesses can even touch. It’s three average-business subscription plans offer tons of customizable upgrades within those; then, the program offers its unprecedented Dedicated Server package. It’s propensity to reach out to every client of every stripe makes it a notable web hosting contender. DreamHost is a perfect choice for dependability, experience and customer care.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)