How To Compare Different Types of SSL Certificates

How To Compare Different Types of SSL Certificates

Comparing SSL certificates to determine which one is the best fit for your website. SSL certificates are used to encrypt information before it is passed from a user’s computer to a website. They also verify the integrity of the domain name, ensuring that it is a legitimate website.

When you compare SSL certificates, there are several different options to choose from. The type that you use will depend on your needs. Learn more about the types of SSL certificates and then compare SSL encryption methods before choosing one for your website.

Single Domain SSL Certificates

Single domain SSL certificates are the most common types of SSL certificates. They have been in use since the SSL protocol was first created. With a single domain SSL, you can add an SSL certificate to a single website. This is a good option if you just have one website that you need SSL encryption for.

Multiple Domain SSL Certificates

Multiple domain SSL certificates allow you to use a single SSL certificate for multiple domains. Typically, you can include up to 100 different domain names with a multiple domain SSL certificate. If you have a single server that is hosting multiple websites, including sub-domains, multiple domain SSL certificates are an affordable method of adding encryption to your websites.

Extended Validation Single Domain SSL

As with the standard single domain SSL, the extended validation (EV) single domain SSL can be used on a single website. The difference between the two is that EV SSL certificates include additional identity verification. When a web browser recognizes that a website has an EV SSL certificate, the browser will display a green lock icon along the address bar.

EV single domain SSL certificates are recommended for websites that take payment information or credit card information through their website.

Extended Validation Multiple Domain SSL

Extended validation (EV) multiple domain SSL certificates also include the additional identity verification, but can be used on multiple domains. If you have an ecommerce website with multiple sub-domains, this would be a suitable option.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL certificates are similar to single domain SSL certificates, in the sense that they protect a single domain, except that they can be used on an unlimited number of sub-domains. Wildcard certificates do not always include the additional identity verification provided by EV SSL certificates, but they do provide an affordable way to add encryption to as many sub-domains as you want.

That covers the most common types of SSL certificates. Compare SSL options before making your final decision. When choosing SSL certificates, start by considering the number of domains or sub-domains that you want an SSL certificate for. Also, consider whether you will be taking payment information from your visitors.

If you have a single domain and no online transactions, then the standard single domain SSL certificate should suffice. For multiple domains and online transactions, you may want the EV multiple domain SSL certificate. Keep these considerations in mind, as you compare SSL certificates and decide which is best for your situation.