Codero Review

Codero Review



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Codero is a world-leading cloud hosting platform that offers a competitive platform-building service. Users can pick their OS, customize features and deploy the server for automatic use. Resources can be added, or taken away, at the user’s will. There are all sorts of custom features, a wide variety of automatically included features per OS, and respectable pricing for the sizes of its packages. Compared to others, their bandwidth caps, per package, start with the terabyte and escalate from there.

What We Like

introductionThe server performance is the main selling point for this platform, bar none. The bandwidth for many servers exceeds one terabyte and, for all servers, climbs as high as a potential eight terabyte outgoing bandwidth. The disk space can reach into over 500 GB, depending on the package, and memory notwithstanding they still manage to keep the prices low by comparison.

They also clearly display that the product is the best performing product over notable competitors. They read over 7000 http requests per second, compared to a second-place cap of 5,600; they perform 10,726 cached reads per second on top of those.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionThey make clear that they offer so much customer support, help and outreach, that you probably won’t need to seek customer support help at all, or at least very much. It would still be nice to see customer reviews for the product, right on the page. Many competitors offer landing page product reviews. They may follow the philosophy of “no news is good news,” given their reputation and track record, but customer interaction is a nice added touch.

They also demonstrate, with acute detail, how they outperform one of their direct competitors. It’s all helpful information. One suggestion might be to display the same chart for many more competitors—as many as are on their scaling and reading performance charts. That way, potential customers can get a thorough idea of the comparison specs.


featuresThe cloud with Codero is unique because it’s entirely buildable. You choose your OS platform, RAM and storage, based on package features. Then you “deploy” your server to the right data center and add resources and upgrades.

Because you first pick your OS, they divide plans based into OS categories, and then by bandwidth capabilities. Codero offers Linux, Windows and Windows + SQL Server options. All options include a set amount of RAM, Bandwidth included, cores, disk space, an hourly rate and a monthly price.

Linux RAM starts with 512 MB and ends at 32 GB across seven plans. The bandwidth ranges from 1-10 TB, the cores from 1-8, and the disk space from 20-512 GB.  Windows RAM ranges from 1-32 GB, bandwidth from 2-10 TB, cores from 1-8, and disk space from 40-512 GB. Windows + SQL Server’s RAM ranges from 2-32 GB, rising equally between five plans. Its bandwidth ranges from 3-10 outgoing TB, 2-8 cores, and 80-512 GB disk space.

All told, they offer 18 packages—with no displayed un-distributed features—total.


pricingThey price per hour and per month; in the lower plan levels, the per hour price can sit in the half-penny category. For example, the first Linux plan is $5/month, bringing the hourly rate to $.007/hour. Linux plans range from $5-300/month, depending on size and output. The price scale rises equivalently enough across all its packages. Windows prices start at $26/month and end with $316/month on the high end. Windows + SQL Server ranges from $348-628/month, thanks to the addition of a SQL server all the customer’s own. With that bundle, the price is fair and low compared to other cloud hosting platforms.

Control Panel

controlpanelCodero offers three control panel services: the Plesk Panel, the cPanel and the WebMatrix panel. Competitors usually only offer one of any number of panel software, but Codero lets you choose between three options. The Plesk Panel uses graphic app buttons and controlled navigation. It fits 200+ apps and features, including e-commerce capabilities, is available for all packages and able to integrate with other site building tools. The popular cPanel app uses Apache and PHP versions, DNS and password features with state-of-the-art servers. It comes with its own security, reliable monitoring and the most up-to-date technological software fixes.  For make your own websites, Codero offers WebMatrix to help businesses build and publish their own website. The template choices and add-ons make this panel control optimal for experienced users.

Customer Support

supportCodero publishes their “scope of support” in a document for everyone to see. They offer live updates through social media accounts and their very own status page. They also have a tech support team available around the clock, twenty four-hours a day, with multiple outreach systems including land lines and e-mail. They put in enough server protections and security resources that they can promise their users 100% uptime, no matter the package.


reliability1Because you build your own cloud, you have a real hand in determining its reliability. Codero can offer 100% uptime regardless of package and OS. Codero also offers real-time performance statistics, based on http requests per second, and number of cached reads per second (MB/s). They clearly prove that they outdo their competitors in reliable scanning. The cloud hosting platforms, for increased reliable service and performance, are also hybrid enabled, use Tier 1 bandwidth, and users can opt for a RESTful API Driven platform as oppose to a control panel. Someone will be in control, at all times.

Final Conclusion

coderorecommendedCodero boasts a powerhouse cloud hosting platform with near-unbeatable bandwidth capabilities and memory. They also include diverse packages—about eighteen total—that can come customized for every client’s needs, in near every OS model. Their secure servers and databases ensure that you’ll not need to worry about security breeches or technical difficulties. If they occur, their fast acting support team solves any problems and solves them with absolute transparency. What’s more, at the time of writing Codero is offering a three-month free trial for its cloud hosting platform, which suggests that they made deals, discounts and specials a common affair for their clients. Codero is the best option for clients that require plenty of room for growth and performance increases.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)