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How To Compare Different Types of SSL Certificates

Comparing SSL certificates to determine which one is the best fit for your website. SSL certificates are used to encrypt information before it is passed from a user’s computer to a website. They also verify the integrity of the domain name, ensuring that it is a legitimate website. When you compare SSL certificates, there are... Read More »

Top Benefits to Using an SSL Certificate

SSL is the standard protocol used for the secure encryption of information passed between computers and websites. The best SSL protection ensures that a user’s information is handled securely. This is especially useful for websites that include online purchases or websites that require personal information. SSL encrypts information before it is sent from a computer... Read More »

Why SSL Security Is Important For Your Website

SSL, or Secure Socket Layers, is a form of encryption used by the vast majority of websites that transfer secure data. It encrypts information that is being passed back and forth between a website and the web browsers of the visitors to the site. If you have a website, then take a moment to learn... Read More »

What Is SSL?

SSL has become the standard when it comes to the exchange of sensitive information over the internet. The need for this type of security has increased over the years, as more people turn to the internet for shopping, banking, and for other purposes that require a secure connection. Learn more about SSL and find out... Read More »