VPS & Dedicated Server Articles

What to Look for in a Cloud Host

Cloud hosting offers a number of solutions for various business needs. From the use of cloud based applications to cloud hosting for websites or business intranets, many businesses are relying on a reliable cloud host, instead of spending money on their own expensive servers. This offers an affordable way to meet your business needs; though,... Read More »

When you need to upgrade to a dedicated server

Shared hosting services are certainly least expensive, but they’re also intended for personal-use or small business sites. If your online business succeeds, you’ll likely need to consider other options such as VPS hosting. If you’re not sure of when to cut the cord, here are some signs that you should upgrade to a dedicated server:... Read More »

When should you consider VPS hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is just one type of server you can choose to host your website. It has its own amenities and plenty of pros. By and large, it’s considered the “halfway” point between a shared host and a dedicated server host. In reality, it’s both a halfway point and a “straddling” option,... Read More »

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting takes some visualization to describe. Picture a code on one hardware server that creates a secondary “virtual” server. Within this server lies the cloud host. Often, hosts can construct these cloud servers from a network of hardware, rather than just one server, if you’re looking for a large-scale cloud host solution. This presents... Read More »

Top 5 Features To Look In A VPS Host

Once you decided on a VPS host, you may be plenty aware that VPS hosts differ from other host and server varieties. Now, you have to parse the options and find the best VPS host for you; this process may not seem as clear-cut as the others. Fortunately, while you might want to regard some... Read More »