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Top 3 Features to Look for in a Hosted E-Commerce Platform

Many businesses are starting to use ecommerce hosting to reach more customers, open up new markets, and manage their inventory. Thanks to an increase in online shopping and the availability of easy to use ecommerce platforms, anyone can consider adding ecommerce to their existing business model or as their primary sales platform. If you have... Read More »

What is e-commerce hosting?

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is exactly as it sounds: commerce sustained electronically. The implied is that e-commerce takes place over the Internet. Any website that sells products has e-commerce capabilities; any website that only sells products is an e-commerce site, or e-store. E-commerce hosting, as you might expect, require specific features that can weigh upon shared... Read More »

Top 5 Features To Look For In A Online Web Store

Looking for the best online web stores can inspire you to make your own—but with so many stores on the net, how do you know which stores prioritize the right features? So many features are so seamlessly interwoven into the web store, they may not automatically stand out. To start, look for these top five... Read More »

Things To Know Before Launching Your Online Web Store

Having a product and getting ready to set up a storefront can be an exciting, yet daunting, process. You may start building your online store feeling like you know a whole lot of nothing. Anyone that has built a web store has felt this way; it’s a natural starting place. That said, there are many... Read More »

Benefits Of Using An Online Web Store For Your Business

Your business could be a store through and through; or, your business could just sell some items on the side to better benefit its core services. Whatever the case may be, when you plan to create an online web store, there are various advantages to making your base a web store, ranging from time invested... Read More »