Bigcommerce Review

Bigcommerce Review



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BigCommerce is an e-commerce web-hosting platform that leads in its industry, according to some of the biggest marketing and tech outlets in existence. Touted by The New York Times, TechCrunch and Mashable, among others, the site seeks to help any client, of any size or need, to make their own e-commerce website using an unprecedented amount of standard features and services. Their features range in the hundreds and are so extensive that they form over ten categories, of at most fifteen features per category.

What We Like

introductionThere really are too many features to list. It’s incredible that they all come standard, or with the so-named Standard package plan. Users can experience any plan first-hand with their free trial, but then they can pick their plan size without fear of losing any features. These range from e-commerce plugins, security benefits, SEO tools, templates and layouts, email marketing capabilities, promotional tools and more.

They also have quite an impressive level of security—and that doesn’t include their secure shopping cart. BigCommerce owns three network databases in three different parts of the globe, to ensure both tightened server security and high-speed service and uptime, for all customers. Their provisioning happens to be hacker-deterrent, they use a biometric security system with badge access, and they host TDigital security vide service.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionThe features are all included from the start; that’s excellent. Still, when describing their plus package, they don’t include whether or not there are upgrade potentials within the features themselves. If they don’t make features upgradable, that benefits the Standard package holder. If they do, that information might be made more explicit.

They also don’t feature a demo control panel. They posted a blog article about the demo, with pictures, and of course you can buy the subscription and see it for yourself. A demo, even if video, would still be nice.


featuresA huge promotional plus for BigCommerce is that the features they list all come with the e-commerce sites upon signing up—and they so happen to have over a hundred features. They have far too many features to list here, but they have quite a few highlights and other add-on pluses.

They break their features down into categories for easy browsing; you know exactly what you’re getting out of the platform. The categories are Store Design, SEO, Marketing and Promotions, Help and Support, Hosting and Security, Images and Photos, Delivery and Event Dates, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Order and Checkout, Products and Merchandising, Shopping Comparison Engines, Mobile Commerce and the list goes on. They make their lists dizzying for the shock value of all these great features, for even the most basic plan.

The store design category displays the store themes, style editor, boasts responsiveness and design integration and offers HTML and CSS editable options. All sites come SEO optimized in various fashions, offer the more common promotional tools like promo code capabilities and cart saver coding, and the sites mesh well with other email marketing software.


pricingAfter a 15-day free trial period, plans come in several price points. The plans are called “Standard,” “Plus” and “Enterprise.” The Standard has all the built-in features and starts at $29.95/month. The Plus—the most popular package—includes the features from the Standard, plus additional plug-ins and upgrades, and starts at $79.95/month. The Enterprise comes with the Standard and Plus features, plus priority support, reporting tools, maximized SEO and other features. The Enterprise price is available upon request.

Control Panel

controlpanelThe control panel looks and feels like a second website, being the main hub e-commerce website editor. The layout comes with a toolbar, then an inlaid window with a second, more specific toolbar. The first segments the page into “Orders,” “Products,” “Customers,” “Web Content,” “Marketing” and “Analytics.” The Home Page Carousel is a template carousel that shows you your current design, uploaded images, other design settings and plugins. If you wished to change your template, you could peruse other options from here.

The big push is the “edit product” feature. Better laid out than competitors, clients can edit their product details, add and take away products, easily update the product information and make other edits, from the same page. The edit capabilities are no-hassle and only require you to login once.

Then, finally, it looks and feels like a professionally designed page. It’s fast uploading, constructed of nearly entirely white space, and the features, tools and menu bars stand out to allow for easy use.

Customer Support

supportCustomer support staff is available twenty four-hours a day, seven days a week, and are reachable through the site’s user-friendly interface. They promote phone contact, e-mails and live chat options. The live chat toolbar always floats with the user to the bottom-left of the screen, plus the occasional pop-up. They also notably promote their Facebook and Twitter feeds for other means of contact.

If the clients want to troubleshoot themselves, they can access the BigCommerce community forum, maintained by staff and populated by other users. The company also publishes many help articles and includes these and others in their extensive Knowledgebase.


reliability1They’re a reliable platform because of their data hardware, security and connectivity stats. BigCommerce is PCI compliant, level 1 certified, with +1000 Gbps of connectivity. Their SAS 70 Type II data center has top of the line architecture and hardware components. They maintain their uptime with a complex content delivery network, three distinct network, and hacker-deterrent security provisioning. Many competitors don’t mention their security also being hacker-deterrent. Additionally, users can use one shared SSL certificate, or purchase their own personal SSL certificate.

Final Conclusion

bigcommercerecommendedBigCommerce is entirely professional and offers more features from the start than most of their competitors. They have extraordinary reviews and public attention and create gorgeous websites with state-of-the art, fresh and modern templates. Their price is fair, median for the market, but pays for service and more features in the Standard plan than many companies offer in their premium plans. BigCommerce suits companies of all sizes and levels of experience.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)