Awardspace Review

Awardspace Review


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AwardSpace is a unique shared hosting web hosting platform. They offer multiple packages, including those with private servers, but do stick to their guns and promote a shared hosting platform, for clients that specifically use many sub-domains and websites as part of their business model. Once they saw their audience preferred shared hosting, they made the switch to satisfy their current client reach.

What We Like

introductionThey followed what their clientele wanted with shared hosting plans, and the efforts paid off. Shared hosting advantages soar over the disadvantages, including lower prices, more edit abilities, more sub-domains and less troubleshooting for your own website.

AwardSpace demonstrated their reliability best, however, by displaying both the advantages and the disadvantages to shared hosting. They refuse to keep their clients in the dark and want you to know exactly what you are getting out of each plan. Many competitors will not treat the clients with as much honesty and respect.

Their plans, as a result, range well into the five-year mark, compared to a competitor’s usual 2-3 year cap on subscription rates. They create the tools that allow clients to stay on for a  long time.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionWith the right plan, customers can side-step most of these minor issues, but some issues include limited self-service. This is because the site does much of the service, including server management and troubleshooting, for you. They keep things fair by supplying all their clients on each server with the same amount of bandwidth and RAM capabilities. That way, all clients can get the most out of their plan, for an insanely low price compared to other services.

They offer many customer support outreach options, but another side note might be the e-mail transparency. Their e-mail can be found on their contacts page, but not on their support page, or on a form direct from their support page.


featuresAwardSpace carries three plan bundles with incredible service discounts and subscription fees, but that still maintain a wide variety of features. They offer at least ten of each: website management tools, e-mail features and scripts and database features. They also offer web statistics, OS, connectivity and security, Zacky Installer tools and customer care. All plans come with storage varieties, data transfer, data backup, a web site builder, an uptime guarantee and a money back guarantee.

The Basic plan, the first plan, offers two domains and five subdomains—more than some competitive offers—where the Web Pro Plus offers ten domains and twenty subdomains and the Max Pack Plus offers unlimited domains and subdomains. All three plans come with free web hosting setup.


pricingThe Basic plan comes in at a steal of a price at the time of writing: $0.17/month, or $1.99 for an entire year. This is an extremely reduced discount, from only $35.88/year normally. The Web Pro Plus retails at $4.57/month, or $54.84/year. Max Pack Plus costs $5.83/month, or $69.96/year.

All plans, however, come with subscription terms ranging from 1-5 years max. This helps reduce long-term prices for well-established businesses.

Control Panel

controlpanelAwardSpace actually utilizes more than one control panel option: the hosting control, the domain control, the server control and the SSL control panels. These vary in layout and format, catering specifically for the needs of the client per panel, rather than trying to force them all to look and act alike. You can switch between control panels easily, or peruse them with demos if you’re a would-be client.

The domain control panel comes up as a clean, well-labeled menu system, opting for more fill-in menus and drop-down menus than icons. Two rows of tabs display your menu category, and the menus within those are full of specs, stats and editable features. The menu categories include Name Server (NS) Management, WHOIS Management Domain Lock Control and your sub-domain individual menus and editing services.

Customer Support

supportFrom the landing page, they make their support system apparent. They have a bubble that follows your page scroll called the “Sales Live Chat” bubble, allowing you to talk about the products in real-time. All customers can reach the service with three numbers, depending on your area: a US, UK and DE number apiece.

The support system offers an FAQ database with detailed written solutions, a more specific FAQ-help area and a fast-acting “trouble ticket” system. They also have a learn more  and FAQ “help” menus, in case the FAQ is too extensive at first glance, or in case you’re not sure of the help you require. Again, live chat can help narrow your question and answer options, or supply direct help.


reliability1They enhance their reliability with their shared hosting package honesty. AwardSpace works with you, the customer or current client, to find the most reliable plan for your company format, from the to shared hosting page. Shared hosting improves security, but limits resources. It can, however, prove to be a viable option for many clients—as many as 90% of their clients, in fact, preferred the more reliable shared hosting over private hosting. AwardSpace made the switch to offer the most reliable services for their platform, including advantages like faster upload time and site uptime.

Final Conclusion

awardspacerecommendedAwardSpace really took charge of their pricing by overhauling their platform, giving their clients exactly what they need for an extremely competitive price point. They are very specific about what each plan offers clients, encouraging all clients to choose only the plan that works the very best for them. With the economical shared server option, customer-specific plans show the highest reliability and uptime rates. They also promote themselves as a company that listens to their client’s needs and follows their suggestions to make their platform stand out from the rest. They are a company that pays attention to all their clients indiscriminately, focuses on the details of their plans, and honestly promotes their platform in a business-savvy way while keeping the moral high ground. Clients, with this product, would receive all the support and care they could want.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)