Arvixe Review

Arvixe Review




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Arvixe is a massive web-hosting company that caters to a large pool of clients from diverse business backgrounds. They have a huge network of package plans tailor-made for any kind of company you can think of, from any background and of any size.

What We Like

introductionThey have far more packages and package details than many of their competitors. They have five categories of packages; most of these come with two sub-categories, and then two to three plans per sub-category. That makes around 15 plans to choose from. This is a highlight because it means they’re not hiding upgrade-only features or fees from their clients. They tell you up front which features come with each plan and which features are upgrades.

Arvixe also promotes their transparency culture in their customer interaction. They send out—and award prizes for—once-monthly customer satisfaction surveys. They publish their unedited survey statistics on their support page for all to see. In addition, they have a running feed of unedited customer reviews on their front page.

What We Don’t Like

icon-questionBecause there are so many plans, and these plans come with so many diverse features, the new client has to dig around to find their yearly subscription rates and plans. Rather than list them on the front page, the user has to find their plan and begin the purchase process to see their options. This does, however, reduce front-page clutter.

Another minor issue is that the phone number is fully displayed on their front page, in the corner, but not their support page anywhere that is visible. You can probably find their phone number by completing the chat forms, or other means of contact, but the phone number only appears on the front page and planning pages, rather than the support page.


featuresArvixe is a powerhouse with so many packages, sub-categories of packages and plans, that it would take a whole other review just to break them all down in detail. They tailor every bundle in advance, so that you don’t have to try and line up hidden upgrades to make your subscription perfect. They already have all their combinations and their full descriptions on display.

All of their features include the standard necessary accommodations, like disk space, monthly data transfer, domains and multiple domains and a free domain name for life. The amounts of these vary from package to package. Then, each package comes with its own web building specs, awards vouchers for Google Adwords and Yahoo! (for US and CA residents), a fully stocked management panel, e-mail features, development and statistics features, certificates and security features. Total, each subcategory has anywhere between ten and twenty different accommodating features.

On top of these, the client can then choose the server location for their website. Locations vary based on plan.


pricingEach “class,” the categories for their plans, come in two sub-categories: the standard and then the “class ASP.” For example, the Personal Class comes as-is, or as “Personal Class ASP.” Then, each one of those categories has an average two plans: the standard and the “Pro.” The Personal Class alone comes with four plans to its name—and there are five main classes.

All the Personal Class plans range between $5-8/month subscription, year subscriptions pending, which is a great price for their laundry list of features and security certificates. Certificates are usually the more costly add-ons of the bunch, but Arvixe can keep their prices low. The Business Classes range from $22-40/month, the Reseller Class costs between $20-60/month, the VPS Class costs between $20-$100/month (with six plans, rather than four), and the grand slam Dedicated Class starts at $429 per month. The Dedicated Class comes with its own personal servers, complementary server management and security, and all the features of the previous plans combined.

Again, each category has anywhere between four and six plans—that adds up to about 15 possible plans total for Arvixe.

Control Panel

controlpanelThe Arvixe control panel displays an incredibly clean and well laid-out interface. The specs bar to the left uses a chart and bar to tell you how much memory you possess left for your site, how many e-mail accounts or lists you possess, etc.; their specs and measurements come visual, for instant readings. The files, databases and other categories are segmented to the right, with their own buttons for quick-access to different features and their menus. Above these is the search bar, so you don’t have to go digging to find the menu you need. In short, Arvixe makes sure customers don’t have to spend their precious time sifting through menus to find the app they need at any given time.

Customer Support

supportThe Arvixe customer support system excels both in their interface once more and in their attention to priority. The “support” landing page leads with a search bar, so that clients can browse their knowledge base right off the bat without taking further steps. If that doesn’t help, you can click the “submit a ticket” button, or the “live support chat” button to the left of the page. They offer a twenty four-hour call help service as well.

In addition to just support, they let their clients help improve the program by filling out customer satisfaction surveys once a month. They publish their ratings and responses, anonymously, but without hedging the reviews they do receive. They portray honesty. Additionally, they give away prizes to one reviewer per month.


reliability1They provide a culture of reliability, pronounced reliable features, and fail-safes for those just-in-case moments. They offer all customers regardless of plan a 99.9% Site Uptime guarantee, a 60-day money back guarantee, twenty four-hour support, a free website transfer as needed, no hidden fees and an automatic setup.  Their reliability shines in their accolades and longevity, too. They’ve been in business for twelve years, since 2003, and have been rated among the top web hosts for most years that they’ve been in business by the most reputable awards firms.

Final Conclusion

arvixerecommendedArvixe knows the business, has known their business and customer base for some time, and the knowledge shows in their performance ratings and in their option variety. They know how to grab the customer’s attention and give the customer anything that they need for the perfect hosting platform.



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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)